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Consider Creative Financing to Take a Holistic Approach in the “New Normal”

Jeff Light, MBA, Director, Strategy & Business Development, Finance July 9, 2020 08:56 AM

Building owners and managers are facing new pressures as we all navigate the “new normal.” While budget pressure may be higher than ever, there is also a pressing need to optimize the indoor environment – and progressing so can meet multiple business objectives.

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World Refrigeration Day: Honoring our Climate

June 26, 2020 08:56 AM

Although we honor June 26 as World Refrigeration Day, focusing on refrigeration – and the sustainability opportunities it offers – is a year-round emphasis for us at Trane. Through our enterprise-wide climate commitment, we are directly addressing climate change by offering alternatives to the way the world heats and cools buildings and moves refrigerated cargo.

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Safety Best Practices – for our Team and Yours

Ray Gallimore, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Commercial HVAC North America, Trane Technologies June 26, 2020 08:56 AM

Would you be surprised to see your Trane technician taking a break to cool off in an air-conditioned vehicle for 20 minutes? We know we might– if we didn’t understand the safety story behind it.

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8 Reasons Contractors Should Embrace Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

Kenley Kyle June 17, 2020 08:45 AM

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems are an increasingly popular choice regardless of a building’s size or intended use. VRF systems focus on heating and cooling only the spaces that require individual temperature control by circulating the optimal amount of refrigerant required for each zone, resulting in advantages with system operation and occupancy comfort.

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Trane // Your Partner in Resilience

May 28, 2020 08:45 AM

We have seen our customers challenged like never before, and each of us at Trane® truly values the important, personal one-to-one relationships that comprise our business. Supporting those relationships through quick and fast delivery has been our focus, 24/7.

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The Link Between LED Lighting and Observed Health, Learning and Productivity

Kandice Cohen May 1, 2020 08:45 AM

Use of LED lighting is transforming the role that lighting can play in an environment. Some LED lighting technology allows for variation in lighting intensity and color temperature that can help people augment their environment.

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Where are the trustworthy COVID-19 resources for the HVAC/building industry?

April 15, 2020 08:30 AM

With the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak happening in almost every country in world, the protection of life is in the mind of every citizen. The question on how we stay safe and productive in tough times surface to the top.

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Your Checklist to Optimize Remote Building Management

April 10, 2020 08:45 AM

Efforts around comfort, sustainability and reducing energy costs through improved building management now include strategies for doing it all remotely, when uncommon circumstances might make it difficult to work on site.

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Trane's Engineers Newsletter Live! Supporting Distance Learning for Engineers During COVID-19

April 7, 2020 11:21 AM

The ENL series launched back in 1999, providing customers with technical education focused on HVAC system design and control strategies. With many states implementing “Stay at Home” orders, Trane was able to implement a virtual version of this series to accommodate those customers who are working remotely.

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Top Tips For Remote Building Management

March 30, 2020 08:30 AM

As the needs of facilities are rapidly changing during these unprecedented times, Trane wants its customers to know we're here to help.

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