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Upcoming Events Spotlight: Building Resiliency and Decarbonization into Data Centers

September 30, 2022


The changing climate means rising temperatures in many places around the world. And while many industries are feeling the impact, building resiliency in data centers is particularly critical.

Data centers are essential components of today's infrastructure and serve as a lifeline to our modern operating world. Given the massive amount of energy needed to keep a data center operating, this infrastructure is particularly vulnerable to the effects of extreme weather – especially extreme heat. For proof, look no further than the outages that happened in London this summer when high temperatures impacted critical data centers.

Ensuring our data center infrastructure is resilient through extreme weather events has never been more important. Society relies on data centers to maintain operations and we must approach designing new buildings and retrofitting existing data center infrastructure to be able to withstand extreme temperatures with a sense of urgency.

Additionally, the energy consumption of these operations is massive. Heating and cooling systems account for more than 40% of the total energy consumed in data centers, making decarbonization an important priority to manage costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Trane has vast expertise in helping data centers design and retrofit buildings with resiliency and decarbonization in mind. We’re excited to be participating in the following upcoming events to discuss how data centers can strategically future-proof their operations to account for changing climate as they design sustainable, resilient buildings. We hope to see you there.


1. DCD>Connect London | October 17-18 | Park Plaza Westminster | London, England

Bringing together 700 top executives from Europe's data center design and construction supply chain, DCD>Connect London is two days of debates, workshops, panels, interviews, demos, and more. Our global director of mission critical cooling, Danielle Rossi, will be speaking on a panel debate titled, DCD>Debate: Heatwave '22 – Was it data center design or data center operations that failed? Hear from Rossi on why data centers need to prepare for a changing climate and how to design for resiliency to protect your operations from extreme weather.

Learn more about the panel debate here


2. Mission Critical Webinar | October 20 | Refrigerant Transitions: The Impact to Decarbonization and Equipment Performance

Our decarbonization program manager, Charlie Jelen, will lead a webinar discussion hosted by Mission Critical, about how new refrigerants with low Global Warming Potential (GWP) can impact your sustainability and decarbonization efforts. We will also explore the impact refrigerants have on efficiency and leaving water temperatures (LWTs), a “hot” topic in data center design and operations.

Register today to attend live or receive the on-demand recording


3. 7x24 Exchange San Antonio | October 23-26 | JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country | San Antonio, TX

Trevor Joelson, our decarbonization program lead, is speaking at 7x24 Exchange, with a session on Decarbonizing Data Centers. This session will explore the defining aspects of decarbonization and recent changes in Green House Gas (GHG) and emissions reporting. Trevor will answer why decarbonization should be important to data center operations and how to go about building a decarbonization plan to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Learn more about the session here


4. DCD>Connect Virginia | November 7-8 | Lansdowne Resort & Spa | Leesburg, VA

Bringing together 500 executives from North America’s data center design and construction supply chain, for 24 hours of 1-2-1 meetings, RFP workshops, and interactive demos, DCD>Connect Virginia will accelerate your tech decisions and help you make informed decisions faster.

Learn more about DCD>Connect Virginia here