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It’s an exciting time in the grocery industry and its demands are rapidly changing. To fully capitalize on the emerging omnichannel landscape, you need partners who understand the new way of doing business.

We have the expertise and partnership to keep you moving forward. No matter where your building sits in the United States or Canada, we offer scalable design that hits on any and all government and corporate energy targets.

Our impact goes beyond your most basic requirements. Be it refrigeration monitoring, energy performance assessments, protecting uptime with service partnerships and professional HVAC technicians, or balancing climate control between product and customer needs, count on us to find right solutions for you.


Blog: Managing the microclimates of your supermarket

Balancing conditions and maintaining comfort is just the start of managing microclimates. These three steps will help you maximize operational potential while protecting the integrity of your food products.

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Tracer® Ensemble®

Tracer® Ensemble® provides the ultimate user experience by combining custom reporting and dashboards to view and optimize assets. Easily access alarms, setpoints, and schedules from virtually anywhere through a secure remote access.

Tracer® Ensemble®

Go Wireless: Trane® Air-Fi®

​Trane® Air-Fi® wireless communication provides easier and more cost-effective controls upgrades and building expansion projects. Simplify your building controls projects by minimizing the engineering, estimating, and project management tasks associated with the communication link.

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Partnering for Success

We see HVAC within the full context of your store infrastructure and sustainability goals. We know each building beyond the ducts—and how to turn your biggest energy hog into a thoroughbred workhorse. It makes us an essential resource for new builds and retrofitting upgrades.

You’ll work with a multifaceted support team who’ll bring forth cost-effective, high-performance solutions at a speed that creates a genuine competitive advantage. While building needs vary, we deliver consistent comfort and control with an eye to helping drive profits. Our scope allows us to offer turnkey standardization to national chains along with flexibility, scalability and unbeatable service.

Refrigeration Monitoring & Achieving Sustainability

Refrigeration accounts for 60% of grocery store energy use. Tracking refrigeration temperatures and having an easy button for reporting is more critical than ever. Our total grocery Building Automation System solutions simplify and centralize your reporting while delievering the unique analytics and data supermarkets need to control humidity, protect food safety and manage customer comfort without compromising profitablity.

The rules and regulations around energy are changing at breakneck speed and will continue to do so. Our team will keep you on point with local and federal regulations—and help anticipate future needs in order to reduce costs. Ask about funding upgrades with an energy savings contract.

Smarter Cooling

A lot is riding on the efficacy of your HVAC. Consumers shop longer when comfortable and preserving product integrity is essential for myriad reasons. The solution? A smarter store.

We can deliver smart cooling and controls that seamlessly integrate with your other equipment. In doing so, we provide exceptional visibility and the means to optimize performance with total precision. You get actionable data which we help you interpret and use to run more efficiently and profitably.

Preserving Uptime & Protecting Your Investment

Not all service is created equal. Our vast HVAC experience gives us an understanding of the many building symmetries at play—and our technicians know how to maintain your entire system to protect the heartbeat of your store. As true HVAC experts, we can help you proactively head-off downtime, avoid unnecessary maintenance costs and limit repeat service calls.

Remote technologies often let us nip problems in the bud and can eliminate the need for a physical service visit. Should a bigger issue arise, we’ll be there with the timely solution your inventory demands. The Trane service team is available 24/7/365 and factory-trained techs are typically dispatched within 2 hours.

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Getting Your Supermarket to Net Zero: A Decarbonization How-To
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