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Modular Chiller Plant Design: A Trane ENL Program Preview

Are you 'equipped' to specify modular chillers? Join us for the Q1 Trane® Engineers Newsletter LIVE to learn about modular chiller essentials including equipment considerations, systems considerations, and more.

Modular chillers have unique characteristics that require attention when designing a system using their technology. In our Q1 Trane® Engineers Newsletter LIVE (ENL) program, we explain what a modular chiller is, identify different system types that use modular chillers, and explain what to consider when designing a system consisting of modular chillers.

This ENL features applications engineers Dan Gentry and Sarah Hilden, along with Esti Tierney from our chiller product support team. After viewing this program, you should be able to:

  • Understand modular chillers and when to apply them,
  • Identify different system types that use modular chillers,
  • Understand modular equipment considerations, and
  • Understand modular system considerations.

What is a modular chiller?
A modular chiller is designed to make chilled water and/or hot water, just like any other chiller. But there are some key design features and aspects of modular chillers that makes their application in systems different from other types of chillers.

  • A module is a refrigeration unit containing all the components needed to produce conditioned fluid, along with electrical connections and controls.
  • A modular chiller consists of one or more modules acting as a single entity. Like other packaged chillers, it has single-point water connections and may include single-point power and BAS communication connections.

More information on Trane® Thermafit™ modular chillers can be found on

Equipment and System-level considerations when using modular chillers
This ENL will discuss several equipment-level considerations when selecting modular chillers, including chiller sizing and the number of modules used, methods of compressor staging, fluid temperature differential (Delta T), and temperature control.

It also discusses several system-level considerations when applying modular chillers, including pumping configurations (primary/secondary vs. variable primary flow) and ensuring minimum system loop volume.

Viewing this ENL
A webinar viewing of this program is scheduled for March 22, 2023. Click below to register to attend this webinar.

After this date, a recording of this program will be available to view on-demand from the Trane Education Center.

More about Trane Engineers Newsletter LIVE (ENL) programs
Trane ENL is a series of video programs focused on the design and control of HVAC systems, industry issues (sustainability, indoor air quality, acoustics, etc.), or codes and standards. The content is technical and educational, but non-commercial. The target audience is HVAC system designers, however, some programs may also be of interest to others in the industry.

Previous programs are available to view on-demand, and free of charge, in the Trane Education Center. In many states, ENL programs meet the requirements for earning Professional Development Hours (PDHs) to help meet the continuing education requirements of your professional engineer license or other certification*.

*Please note that ENLs may not qualify in states that require pre-approval of courses, so it is the viewer’s responsibility to check state requirements for Professional Engineers credentials.

Trane Engineer Support


About the author
Dan Gentry, Applications Engineer





Dan Gentry is an applications engineer based in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He joined Trane in 2018 after eight years at another Wisconsin-based chiller manufacturer. Dan first interned at Trane in the Technology Lab while attending school through 2008. His areas of expertise revolve around chiller plants, heat recovery and heat pump systems, and their reliable and efficient design and operation.

Dan graduated from Ferris State University in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in HVAC Engineering Technology and is an active member of ASHRAE. Dan enjoys spending time with his family on the river and relaxing at the family cabin up north.