Infrastructure Renewal

Drive sustainability and comfort through system and facility infrastructure upgrades

Aging systems, deferred maintenance and unreliable infrastructure can make it feel impossible to meet goals for your operations and occupants. Our building and energy experts can help you craft a holistic plan to modernize your facilities and achieve the outcomes that matter most to you.

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At some point, doing nothing becomes the costlier option. As efficiency fades and reliability declines, maintenance costs begin to climb and failures can happen at the worst possible time. Our building professionals can help you craft a program to solve your infrastructure challenges.

Reasons to Act

Energy Solutions Benefit Your Bottom Line & the Climate

Mechanic air conditioner technician using manifold gauge checking refrigerant for filling home air conditioning and air duct cleaning and maintenance outdoor compressor unit.

Inefficient facilities and systems can be costly to operate and maintain

An electrician works in a tablet against a background of energized electrical towers, an engineer measures the level of current, an electrical network to supply light

Deferred maintenance and unexpected failure

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Uncomfortable indoor environments that impact occupant and tenant satisfaction

Benefits / Outcomes

What Are Some Advantages of Modernizing Your Facilities and HVAC Systems?

Unreliable equipment, mounting maintenance costs and unexpected downtime prevent your building from being productive. Discover how HVAC retrofits and facility renovations can help you:


Lower overall operating costs with new, efficient equipment and facilities upgrades


Minimize the total cost of ownership and enhance building value


Retain or attract new, higher-paying tenants with more modernized facilities


Support building occupants and lower facility complaints

Customer Stories

Make Measurable Improvements In Your Buildings

Modernizing facilities and HVAC systems has benefits that go beyond energy. See how schools can increase student engagement and healthcare facilities can prioritize patient comfort.

Norton Healthcare: Enhancing Sustainability and Comfort in Healthcare Facilities

June 21, 2022

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