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Trane Rental Services Can Help You Successfully Spring Into Summer

As the weather warms, HVAC system maintenance becomes crucial. Discover how Trane Rental Services can provide stop-gap coverage, avoiding disruptions and ensuring operational efficiency.

As the weather warms across the country, many building owners will transition from heating to cooling. Just like having regular maintenance performed on your car can prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your engine, seasonal HVAC system maintenance can squeeze even more value from your investment. It helps extend the overall life of your HVAC equipment and can help save you money daily by lowering your energy bills. For most, spring start-up is just like getting your oil changed: You take your car in, you can’t drive while they work on it, but once the service is done, you’re back on the road. However, occasionally, during your car inspection your mechanic may find an issue that requires are more significant fix—leaving you without wheels longer than you anticipated.

Mechanical HVAC equipment is no different. Preventive maintenance is the key to properly functioning systems, but even the most well cared for systems can see issues that require more involved service work. And, taking the time to bring equipment offline for this necessary maintenance isn’t always an easy choice. In mission-critical spaces, or in buildings where a single unit provides both heating and cooling, going without can feel like a sacrifice that isn’t worth the cost.

Trane Rental Services provides the stop-gap coverage you need to avoid making a short-term tradeoff that could have a long-term impact on your operations, budget and peace of mind.

Here are five scenarios where Trane Rental Services can be the solution you need.

  1. Start-up reveals the need to replace a part that isn’t “standard” inventory.
    The HVAC industry felt the impact of post-pandemic supply chain challenges. While we have done our very best to provide a seamless flow of new equipment, replacement parts and supplies to our customers, lead times are still longer than in the past. If your spring start-up reveals the need for specialized parts, you may have to wait longer than the time it takes your service tech to drive to the local supply store. While many buildings can be without HVAC for a day or so, most can’t go longer. A rental unit allows the time necessary to do a complete equipment evaluation and provides you with a security policy if you need to order the parts necessary to do more in-depth updates.

  2. Your equipment is ready for more than a standard service visit.
    Changing filters, replacing belts and fans and conducting leak tests are critical to proper performance. But more significant maintenance work, such as R’newals, refrigerant migrations and controls upgrades can significantly improve the energy efficiency, performance and longevity of your equipment. These activities often require bringing whole systems down. Rather than going without HVAC entirely, Trane Rental Services can provide you with a temporary cooling solution entirely separate from your installed system to allow for major maintenance without disruption to occupant comfort or precision performance.

  3. Even with properly performing equipment you can’t meet your building’s cooling requirements.
    We are increasingly seeing 100-year weather events, and many buildings that were designed even 5 to 10 years ago are finding their current cooling load is maxing out their equipment capacity. When purchasing additional equipment isn’t in the budget, Trane Rental Services provides seasonal supplementary cooling to help you meet the need. Coupling the spring start-up of your own HVAC equipment with the installation and startup of temporary cooling equipment can ensure you’ll be ready to beat the heat.

  4. You need to squeeze more out of your OpEx budget.
    When capital budgets run thin, deferring major upgrades and repurposing your operating budget can be a smart play. If your spring start-up reveals your equipment is nearing end of life, considering a long-term rental solution from one of the youngest fleet in the industry allows you to take advantage of the latest sustainable solutions in HVAC technology without buying a new system. BONUS: Trane Rental Services machines are optimized to run with connected controls for continual monitoring, helping you to gain even more energy efficiency and utility bill savings, putting money back into the budget for a future owned upgrade.

  5. Walking through start-up uncovers you don’t have a contingency plan.
    Planned maintenance and start-up is one thing; it’s right there in the name—you can plan for it when the outage will be least disruptive to your building and business. But when an unexpected equipment failure takes your system down, the last thing you want to do is scramble to figure out what to do next. Part of spring start-up includes identifying—and updating when necessary—the system documentation you have in place for your mechanical equipment. By including a rental services expert as a part of your spring start-up team, we can ensure that documentation includes a plan for emergencies in any season. Our trained HVAC system experts will complete a total system walk-through. We’ll collaborate to document your critical requirements, design a temporary solution and size your equipment needs using our proprietary load analysis software. We can even do the pre-work to plan for where the temporary unit will be installed and how you’ll power it.

Contact your Services Account Manager today to schedule your spring start-up and ask them to make Trane Rental Services part of your plan. Or Contact Trane Rental Services directly at 888-605-8934.