Are Your Decarbonization Efforts Paying Off?

When you’re putting money into decarbonization, you need to prove that what you’re doing is working.

Regulatory entities may require emissions reporting. Financial managers need to document fiscal and non-fiscal returns. Public stakeholders want to see the environmental payoffs.

Data-producing technologies throughout your building will help bring rigor and accuracy to emissions reporting. A connected building provides actionable insight into multiple performance factors that affect costs, comfort…and the climate.

Connected Building Components

Learn what you need to look deeper into overall system performance.

Unit controls—direct equipment responses to sensors and settings.
Produces data indicators of equipment performance and deploys optimization programming that can lower energy use and emissions.

Power and energy meters—a source of key performance data for climate-related reporting.
Monitors how much utility-generated power is being used so you can figure out how to use less.

Refrigerant Monitoring
Lowers the global warming potential of HFC refrigerants by detecting leaks quickly.

Building management—gives meaning to system data and guides continuous improvement.
Provides a comprehensive view into decarbonization performance and directs future progress by collecting and compiling data from throughout the system.

Building Management & Automation

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