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Expertise To Protect Your Product and Profitability

Trane Retail Building Solutions

Omnichannel retailing is on the rise, and the right HVAC and indoor environmental quality (IEQ) solutions can provide a genuine competitive advantage. But it takes expertise. In fact, it takes a team with a wide variety of expertise.

At Trane, our specialists can offer solutions that optimize your entire business. We’ll help you address your most pressing concerns—from customer comfort and product integrity to energy costs and sustainability goals.

With our well-rounded team on your side, you’re able to drive efficiency and profitability like never before.

Retail Technician and Owner

Spotlight: Fulfillment Centers

Learn what makes Trane your most important partner in managing the efficiency, uptime and speed to keep your products flowing.

Fulfillment Centers

Spotlight: Grocery

See how Trane caters to your evolving omnichannel-specific needs.

Trane autonomous control

Trane® Autonomous Control powered by BrainBox AI®

Use the power of AI to optimize your system performance. Trane Autonomous Control works 2/47 to optimize your building to to drive efficiency and carbon reduction without sacrificing comfort.

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Saving Energy

Inflation. Supply chain issues. Labor shortages. Retailers need all the help they can get. So, what if we could help significantly lower operating costs?

Our team can perform an energy assessment and provide solutions to help reduce energy use and improve your bottom line. Obviously, this goes beyond simple cost savings. Many clients have strong mandates to shrink their carbon footprint and we deliver tangible results.

Moving Quickly

We know the importance of speed to market. With best-in-class production cycles, we aim to make opening day goals a reality. By supporting you with specialists from A to Z, we’re able to move seamlessly through every phase of your project.

Of course, opening on time is just the beginning. As your partner in resiliency, we are committed to keeping you up and running without delay. National multisite retailers can gain further assurance of fast, accessible equipment and service through our National Accounts Program.

Perfecting Indoor Environments

Temperature, humidity, air quality and even acoustics can all play a critical role in your success. Our comprehensive approach to helps our customers achieve their goal of operating a high performing building. We’ll help ensure a comfortable environment for employees, tenants and customers without overlooking other key operational considerations.

Capturing Actionable Data

Our building automation systems (BAS) deliver exceptional visibility to your operation. You’ll have instant access to actionable data based on your specific performance and energy goals. With your finger on the pulse, you’re able to nip downtime in the bud, avoid unnecessary service calls, and control costs that come from human interference such as adjusting thermostats or leaving doors open.

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Electrifying a luxury retail icon: Trane and Bergdorf Goodman

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