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Spotlighting Rental Services at Trane: How Collaboration is Key for Paul Olczak

June 29, 2022


Q. What excites you about working at Rental Services?
I really enjoy working with sales, Trane Rental Services Technical Support, and Trane Rental Services Operations teams to provide solutions for complex commercial/industrial HVAC applications that help our customers. I like the aspect of working with multiple teams across the business; especially cross-functional teams. I enjoy learning and that’s exactly what these complex applications force me to do. I learn about doing load calculations and such so we can meet the exact needs of our customers.

Q. What do you wish every customer knew about Rental Services?
A. Based on some feedback I’ve heard in the past, our response time has really helped this part of our business. We are able to walk in and coordinate with customers because of our fast response time.  Especially when you see situations where you know we had to come up with a solution relatively quick, it helps us stand out and differentiates Trane Rental Services.

Our team as a whole is extremely collaborative. From sales to engineering, everyone is working together to ultimately make the customer very satisfied with our timing and solutions. It has really helped customers keep their businesses running, especially with various issues during the pandemic and with the current supply chain issues.

I would also love for customers to know how friendly our team is. We get pulled into a lot of conference calls with customers, mechanical contractors, engineers or even facility engineers of specific job sites. And we at Trane Rental Services are just so friendly and approachable. We are also as accommodating as we can be to their needs and try to work with them the best we can.

Q. Do you have a story of helping a customer that would be good to share with the public? 
A. Not too long ago, I assisted our Florida region and their customer by providing equipment recommendations for indoor agriculture applications that resulted in a long-term, national relationship that has lasted multiple years. We’ve been able to achieve this lasting relationship because we are willing to collaborate on the design phase of solutions. We don’t make our customers or end-users crunch numbers on their own; we can help from our end. Even before we started making equipment recommendations, we try to figure out what the load space mode was and then we put together a rental solution for two or three different projects at that particular time.

Q. What do you like to do outside of Work? 
A. I enjoy spending time with family. Sometimes we take the kids camping and hiking (where they’ve been able to keep up with my wife and I since they were very little). I also enjoy attending Buffalo Bills football games with my son and father, as well as my daughter for the occasional preseason game. 



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Kasey Boxleitner

About the author
Paul Olczak, Applications Engineer

I am a proud father of 2 children, husband, and US Air Force veteran that served for 6 years from Buffalo, NY. I was part of the Civil Engineering Squadron stationed in Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, and Michigan during my time of military service from 2002 – 2007. While serving in the Air Force, I volunteered to participate with Hurricane Katrina relief in Gulfport, Mississippi and worked with the US Border Patrol along the Mexican border.

My HVAC journey began in 2002 as an HVAC technician in the Air Force. I had a feeling that I wanted to remain in this industry prior to graduating with my B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology degree from University of North Carlina at Charlotte in 2012.