Air-Fi Wireless Communication Technology

Air-Fi® Wireless Communications

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Air-Fi® Wireless Communications

A communicating and sensing technology that allows the different parts of a building system, from your HVAC and building controllers, to communicate wirelessly.

Why Air-Fi Wireless?

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    Redundant communication paths are created through a wireless mesh.

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    BACnet/Zigbee provides standard, open communications to all systems.

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    The system offers twice the signal range and four times the potential paths compared to other wireless systems on the market.

Not sure about wireless?

Read our latest blog about common building communication misconceptions.

How does Air-Fi Wireless work?

The Air-Fi® Wireless Communications Interface (WCI) enables wireless communications between system controls, unit controls, and wireless sensors for Trane® control products that use the BACnet® protocol. The WCI replaces the need for communications wire in all system applications.

The Air-Fi® Wireless Communications Sensor (WCS) is compatible with any Trane controller that uses a WCI. The WCS provides the same functions as many currently available Trane wired sensors. No further software or hardware is necessary for site evaluation, installation, or maintenance.

Adherence to ANSI/ASHRAE® Standards 125-2016 (BACnet Zigbee®), enables secure and reliable wireless monitoring and control over commercial building systems. It also conforms to the IEEE® 802.15.4 standard, which ensures that your wireless BAS Communication system will reliably coexist with other wireless systems, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

What's the best way to communicate with your building?

We know every building is unique. Which is why our systems can support a variety of topologies, protocols, and mediums. Let us help you create the best mix for your building.


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