Maximize building performance, profitability and sustainability through the power of your energy

You’re continually faced with energy consumption challenges as you try to create pleasing indoor spaces, navigate costs that impact bottom lines and plan greenhouse gas reduction initiatives. Trane’s consultative approach offers cross-functional, beginning-to-end building expertise that transforms the way you engage with energy.


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By taking on all aspects of an energy reduction initiative, Trane frees your organization to focus on the business at hand. We deliver individualized, right-sized and forward-looking energy solutions, validating your successes and arming you with data the entire way.

Between balancing efficiency, electrification and on-site power generation options, there's greater potential for:

  • Increased property values
  • Increased comfort and productivity
  • Enhanced environmental responsibility
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Cost reduction
  • Long-term financial stability

Benefits / Outcomes

Take the Guesswork Out of Getting the Best Value

Scaling energy efficiency, sustainability and other important outcomes across your buildings needs to make sense. Trane ensures you can do right by all facets of your operations:

Sustainability & Decarbonization

Translate sustainability priorities into actionable tactics and strategies to lower carbon emissions

Infrastructure Renewal

Address aging systems and delayed maintenance to support operations and building occupants

Conservation & Optimization

Optimize building efficiency and reduce costs with consultative support

Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) for Resilience

Build energy independence and maximize financial benefits with a customized approach

Financing & Implementation

Explore the best funding options for your goals—from grants and utility rebates to public and private partnerships

Monitoring & Validation

Validate your energy performance and how you understand its business and environmental impacts


How Can I Turn Sustainability Goals Into Actionable Initiatives?

Make sense of scaling lower carbon emissions across operations with a personalized, data-driven approach that accounts for complicated logistics and heavy lifting.


How Can I Make the Most of My Existing Facilities?

An unreliable, aging infrastructure impacts occupants and your bottom line. To realize peak sustainability and comfort while preventing further issues, implement updates with minimal operational impact and expenses.


How do I Improve the Efficiency of My Facilities to Reduce Costs and Support GHG Reduction?

Reducing energy or water use can be a critical step toward your sustainability goals. Optimizing equipment performance and operational processes, implementing higher efficiency equipment and using data as a guide can help reduce costs and usage alike.


What Can DERs Do for My Energy Independence?

On-site energy generation and storage technologies can mitigate energy expenses, improve uptime and support sustainability initiatives.


What Will it Take to Finance and Execute My Energy Initiatives?

Implementing energy upgrades can be more streamlined than ever with a broad array of custom financing, funding and program strategies. Trane can help determine which approach best suits your business and sustainability goals.


What’s Key to Understanding Building Energy Performance?

Intelligent tools and expert-led assessments can uncover insights to manage and optimize your operations to meet your KPIs.

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