Tee-up Building Technology: Drive Bigger Benefits From Your HVAC

Discover the competitive edge that building technology can bring to your building and business.

Analytics and digital tools are pervasive in today’s golf game. GPS technology paired with a smart phone gives you distance information, shot tracking and birds-eye-view hole maps. Advanced apps using swing sensors and AI are delivering personalized analytics to help lower your shots.

Similarly, data-driven tools are the key to improving your HVAC system’s performance. Today, the smartest buildings have the competitive edge.

Discover the three key ways to drive bigger benefits from your HVAC.


Data is the key to:

1. Better reliability
2. Energy efficiency
3. Improved productivity
4. Informed spending


Starting-point energy metrics provide the basis for measuring future performance declines/improvements.

  • Capture energy performance at the engineered settings
  • Benchmark energy use against similar buildings

Continuous Monitoring

24/7 monitoring detects anomalies that threaten comfort and energy efficiency.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Automated alarms
  • Intelligent diagnostics

Performance Management

Building Automation Systems provide access to operational and energy data that can inform decision-making by your energy and sustainability leaders, financial managers and procurement—in addition to facilities staff.

  • App-based system management
  • Energy and time-of-use reports
  • Setpoint and scheduling reviews

Building Management & Automation

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