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By partnering with Trane, you can reduce risk on the installation of a job.  The ease of installation comes with our pre-programmed controls, which are designed on open BACnet protocol. They are uniquely designed to be fully compatible with any manufacturer's equipment, making your life easier and customers happier.

For more resources and assistance -- including installation & startup and our complete list of systems & solutions -- please visit our new Light Commercial Help Center.

Light Commercial Controls Contractor (LC3™) Program


Trane's Light Commercial Controls Contractor (LC3™) program is designed to help contractors be more effective at installing and servicing Trane light commercial control systems for small and medium-sized buildings.

Our LC3™ program includes:

  • LC3™ Install Assist Services - To help you complete Trane light commercial controls installation projects, Trane can provide  LC3™ Install Assist Services to complement your capabilities and ensure that you have robust installations that perform well for your customers. 
  • LC3™ Partner - For contractors that install a high volume of Trane light commercial control systems in small/medium buildings, the LC3™ Partner program is a higher-level relationship that can help you be more self-sufficient when installing and servicing Trane light commercial controls.

Light Commercial Controls Contractor (LC3™) Program

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Tracer® Concierge® System

Tracer® Concierge® system provides an affordable way for contractors to help their building owners to gain simplified building automation for their facility, resulting in improved comfort and performance with reduced operating costs.

Pivot® Smart Thermostat

Our Pivot® Smart Thermostat is specifically designed for light commercial applications. With the intuitive touchscreen and customizable display, training is not required for occupants. The mobile app enables users to control multiple buildings remotely, making changes in seconds to all systems.

A contractor portal allows you to elevate your service level with alerts, remote access, and trend graphs.  

Trane® Air-Fi® Wireless Solutions

Create the reliable, flexible system you want without the wires and further reduce installation time and risk.

Secure & Connected

This new USB cellular module now supports cellular connectivity directly. It allows for improved security, a simplified installation, and allows factory solution for controller connectivity to the Trane cloud for Trane Connect remote access and data collection.

Factory Mounted Controls

Bringing you Trane® engineering expertise with our straight out-of-the-box solutions. Using our preprogrammed equipment controllers which are factory-installed on our equipment. This can lead to faster construction cycles, less risk, and higher quality.


Our standard equipment controls can easily integrate with any building automation system, but for improved performance and efficiency, pair with Tracer® Concierge®.

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