Choosing an energy services provider? Here’s 4 things to look for

April 27, 2022

When it comes to optimizing your building performance, there are so many options, yet so little time. It can make good strategic and fiscal sense to partner with a trusted energy service provider to help you save energy, improve operating costs and reduce carbon emissions.

But, how do you know what to look for in a partner?  

Here are some key offerings to look for in an energy service partner:

1. A customized data-driven plan, focused on your needs:

Look for an energy services partner who develops a data-driven customized plan for your building rather than handing you an off-the-shelf solution. In addition to gathering current data, the plan-development process should involve listening to you (lots of listening) and asking specific questions to determine what matters most to you. Your ideal partner should focus on your needs at least as much as their offerings.They also should inquire about and incorporate your overall organizational goals such as optimizing learning, keeping tenants happy or creating the best healing environment. Lastly, the plan should include performance assessments to demonstrate that the recommended solutions are making a difference.


2. Deep and broad expertise:

When considering physical health and well-being, most people would prefer a surgeon who has done thousands of surgeries over someone who has completed a couple hundred. Give your building the same courtesy. Pick an energy service partner that can draw on thousands of completed applications when supporting your needs.


3. Third-party accreditation:

Check out the list of accredited energy service providers on the National Association of Energy Service Company (NAESCO) website to see if the provider you are interested in has earned NAESCO® accreditation. Note that energy service providers are a step up from energy service companies. They offer all the benefits of an energy service company plus energy supply options.  Companies accredited by NAESCO, such as Trane Technologies, elected to participate in the NAESCO Accreditation Program. They have completed and have passed  a rigorous review process by an independent selection Committee.


4. Good fit with your team:

Be sure to complete a live interview when selecting an energy service partner – Tim Unruh, director of NAESCO,  recently discussed it can be tempting to skip the interview when an energy service provider looks great on paper. He advises building owners and managers to take the time to complete this step. “I know some people will discount the oral interview,” he said. “You want to understand the personalities of the people that you're dealing with and are they going to mesh with the personalities that you have on staff.”

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