HICAPS: Delivering ESPC projects to enhance energy security, efficiency, and sustainability nationwide

September 28, 2022

Energy security is a critical driver of our nation’s ability to sustain itself on many levels. One of the pillars of energy security is resilience, which has been a focus of many federal agencies over the last few years. This resiliency consists of the ability for a consumer to rapidly recover reliable power to critical building and campus systems. Resiliency can be achieved by synchronizing redundant systems through an advanced grid infrastructure and or having the ability to “island” or operate an independent energy microgrid until reliable primary power is accessible. Additionally, with the use of renewable energy sources on, or near, the customer site and largescale upgrades of mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems to improve energy efficiency; you can appreciate both the challenges and potential of energy security for our country.

HICAPS has operated in the energy distribution space in many capacities for decades. We have upgraded mechanical and electrical systems on our general contracting projects, been design-builders for VA Integrated Service Network Advanced Utility Meters and photovoltaic arrays powering up to 5 megawatts of electricity and, conducted retro-commissioning studies whereby we identify the Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) that can capitalize an enterprise’s return on investment in their capital infrastructure.  

By leveraging our experience in ECMs, HICAPS has become a Department of Energy Qualified Energy Service Company (ESCO) and was recently awarded a Nationwide Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract for the Department of Veteran Affairs. ESPCs allow federal agencies to procure energy savings, peak demand reductions, resiliency, and facility improvements with no up-front capital costs or special appropriations from Congress. An ESPC is a long term – up to 25 year – collaboration between an agency and an ESCO. The collaboration starts with developing a comprehensive energy project, and extends through the construction and performance period phases, including measuring and verifying savings achievement and providing agreed upon operations, maintenance, repair and replacement services. ESPCs are a win-win approach in that they are often paid for by the guaranteed savings of the ECMs agreed to in the contract, and includes the services, repairs and replacements to ensure ongoing operational continuity well after construction is completed.

Additionally, HICAPS is proud to announce the formation of our Small Business Administration Mentor-Protégé program with Trane. Trane provides OEM equipment, controls, systems, and services – including energy services and performance contracting – that enhance the energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor environmental quality (IEQ) of buildings around the world. Trane is an outstanding mentor by sharing their best-in-class approach to ESPC work. HICAPS is honored to work with a company that has executed over $3.5 billion in guaranteed ESPC work.

HICAPS, with our mentor Trane, are enthusiastic about developing and delivering ESPC projects and ECMs that enhance energy security, efficiency, and sustainability nationwide. We look forward to having conversations with our customers in need of these services and our colleagues across the AEC industry that can be a valuable asset by joining our team.