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Be the brand that guests prefer

Create a unique experience that emphasizes comfort, wellness and sustainability.

Trane Hotel and Lodging Solutions

It's a new world and the need for resiliency in the hospitality industry has never been greater. The convergence of sustainability and hygiene are at the forefront of innovation and demand an experienced and expert partner to align solution to business goals. We are that partner.

Trane's people-focused approach assures your investments are customized to your building and business needs.


Are you developing a sustainability plan?

Don't know where to start? Not sure you will have the funding to execute the plan? Trane energy experts can help you make sense of the broad array of energy upgrade opportunities you have and financial strategies available to determine which approach best suits your business or sustainability goals. And then make them happen.

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Green HVAC

6 Ways to Make HVAC Systems as Green as Can Be

Looking to take bigger strides to decarbonize? Take a few moments to read our new blog post.

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Reduce Costs with an Energy Checkup

Trane® Energy Checkup provides insights that can serve as the starting point for optimizing energy use and reducing energy costs, now and as customers face more changes in the months ahead. We are here to help.

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The world is looking for substantial energy reduction and asking hotel owners for change. We can help you answer the call for a more sustainable hotel experience. 

Electrifying the built environment so that hotels are powered by electricity drawn from renewable energy sources matters more as the grid becomes cleaner. Sound complicated? A successful transformation to building electrification requires experience and hands-on expertise.

Let's find cost savings with an Energy Strategy

You have goals and Trane has the expertise to help you reach them. Let's work together to develop energy strategies that are unique to your building. We will evaluate the way energy is being used to enable your business goals rather than detract from them. Reducing energy cost might mean upgrading inefficient HVAC equipment, but it could also mean simply implementing more strategic control in deregulated markets.  Combining the trusted advice of Trane professionals with building data and insights to help you use energy more intelligently. Let's start the conversation today. 

Healthier Environments for All Occupants

People expect more from their indoor environments than ever before. A partnership with Trane will help you identify and implement the right Indoor Environment Quality solutions for your guests without compromising profitability. Receive a customized solution for your hotel’s unique needs from a dedicated Trane expert and learn about our proven three-step process. 

  • Assess: We start with an assessment to receive recommendations for an improved indoor experience.
  • Mitigate: Apply the right solutions tailored to meet your building’s needs.
  • Manage: Access data and insights to manage your building and build trust for the people inside.

Wellsphere™ addresses the four elements of indoor environmental quality (IEQ).

Hospitality Customer Stories

Here are some of our top performers.

Grand Hyatt New York Case Study

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Trane's people-focused approach assures your investments are customized to your building and business needs.