Get Smart: How to use energy contracting to your school's advantage

September 16, 2021


How can schools leverage tomorrow’s energy savings to fund today’s K-12 school building improvements — and what risks are associated with these types of projects?

Join Dr. Timothy Unruh, Executive Director for the National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO®), as he dives into the ins and outs of this funding vehicle known as an energy savings performance contract.

In this episode, Tim unpacks:

  • How effectively undertaking an energy savings performance contract can work to your district’s advantage – and which pitfalls to avoid
  • What is the most important factor in selecting the best energy service company? (Hint: It’s not just price)
  • How NAESCO is simplifying this process for schools

Tim also lays out what schools must do to keep pace with the changing energy landscape and why he’s optimistic about a more sustainable future for K-12 learning environments.

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