Conservation & Optimization

Holistic efficiency programs to enable smarter, more sustainable facilities

Optimizing and conserving power and water use should be one of the first considerations for any sustainability program.

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Environmental technology concept. sustainable ESG modernization development by using technology of renewable resources

Reasons to Act

Why Is Energy Conservation Important?

The need to reduce energy consumption goes beyond just helping the environment: 

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Minimize carbon emissions to meet your organizational sustainability goals

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Lower operating costs

Commercial buildings in Hongkong are low angle, China,

Comply with evolving local energy standards

Benefits / Outcomes

What Benefits Can You Expect From Optimizing And Conserving?


Use energy savings to support areas of operation that need funding most


Address deferred maintenance and equipment replacement with operational and energy savings


Pay for facility improvements that create better occupant experiences


Reduce overall investment in carbon reduction initiatives

Proof Points

Your Energy Service Partner for the Long Haul

Trane is an accredited Energy Services Company (ESCO), solving energy problems holistically with top digital and analytical tools, engineering knowledge and a full portfolio of products and services.

Environmental technology concept. Sustainable development goals. SDGs.

Trane is an expert in optimizing for efficiency, having delivered over $1 billion in guaranteed energy savings for customers

Method / Process

How Does Trane Identify and Assess Conservation Opportunities for a Facility?

Facility improvement measures vary for every building, which is why Trane takes a holistic approach to identify high impact improvements that will make a difference. From lighting to equipment upgrades, your sustainability journey can include a variety of solutions:

Water Conservation

Tracer Concierge in Restaurant Environment

Building Controls

Chilled Water System Mechanical Room

Mechanical System Optimization

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Discover how we've helped our customers achieve the outcomes that matter most.


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Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2020