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Grant Opportunities Imminent: Fund Energy Upgrades at Your School

Improve your school's energy efficiency and reduce your energy and operational costs with funding from Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). Learn about the timing, coverage and scope of the IIJA grant and more.

If you want to help cut your school’s energy and operational costs and increase energy efficiency but don’t know how to fund it, new funding options are imminent.

In the weeks ahead, the U.S. federal government will start distributing $500 million in money grants, tax rebates and other forms of funding as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

Collaborating with a building technology and energy solutions company like Trane can help you access this grant money. In addition, ESCOs can help you figure out how to leverage this grant together with other funding opportunities to maximize impact for school infrastructure for the long term. This expertise can help you plan projects that amplify value and fulfill the measurement and verification stipulations in the grants. Trane is available to work with you to help meet grant requirements and help you achieve your project goals.

This $80 million from US. Dept. of Energy is the first tranche of funding in a $500 million investment, to make clean energy improvements in K-12 public schools. Funds will empower school districts to make upgrades that will lower facilities’ energy costs and improve student learning environments. 

Timing –The grants are not yet posted and are expected to become available by year-end 2022

What’s Covered by the Grants – The grants will cover energy improvements that help result in direct reduction to school energy costs, increase energy efficiency, and lead to improvements in teacher and student health. This includes projects that optimize indoor air quality (IAQ). The scope also includes projects that realize energy savings by reducing loads and/or by demand flexibility and demand response approaches. The estimated period of performance for each award will be approximately two to five years in duration.

Other Areas of Grant Scope – Projects with one or more of the following can be included in grant applications:

  • Energy efficiency measures
  • Installation of renewable energy technologies
  • Alternative fueled vehicle infrastructure on school grounds
  • Purchase or lease of alternative fueled vehicles to be used by a school


  • Review the open grant applications!
  • Concept papers are due January 26, 2023 and full applications will close April 21, 2023
  • Prize applications are open and will close February 20, 2023