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Federal facilities have a need to maintain operational availability and efficiency—this can be a big task when buildings are spread across the county and around the globe with varying missions and needs. Trane is helping. We have the technology, resources, and experience to make buildings comfortable, energy efficient and more resilient.

  • Department of Energy (DOE)-qualified energy services provider, Energy Services Company (ESCO) accredited by NAESCO
  • Expertise in Utility Energy Services Contracts
  • Delivering more than $1 billion in guaranteed energy savings to customers.
  • GSA Schedule holder with equipment and parts available at specially negotiated GOV pricing


Data-driven decisions stay focused on the mission

We work closely with our government customers to:

  • prioritize needs and identify affordable solutions to meet availability goals and better manage operating budgets
  • maintain compliance with federal imperatives for energy resilience, cybersecurity and sustainability.

Create a plan based on analysis that couples building data, local knowledge and expertise from our diverse team of system engineers, technicians and financing experts. 

Learn how you can build resiliency into your federal operations to become more self-sufficient

Comprehensive engineering solutions help anticipate and mitigate mission-impacting problems. Our solutions support energy independence from the commercial grid and include:

  • renewable energy sources,
  • distributed energy resources,
  • energy storage and
  • microgrids to manage loads

Manage cybersecurity risks

Cybersecurity concerns shouldn’t be a barrier to gaining advantages that connected buildings offer. Trane is at the forefront of cybersecurity, with experience working with the Department of Defense, following the specific standards and instructions published by governing federal agencies. Trane has effectively enabled federal customers to achieve Authority to Operate (ATO) under the Risk Management Framework (RMF). 

Sustain critical operations by providing energy security, efficient infrastructure, and reduced operational costs

Move forward with projects simpler and faster. Trane Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs) provide a budget-neutral path to energy resilience and facility upgrades. With no capital investment required, upgrading inefficient HVAC systems, building controls and modernizing aging building infrastructure is paid for with future energy cost savings – with savings guaranteed by Trane.

Optimize your buying power

Trane is a decades-long GSA Schedule contract holder, with the expertise and experience to help customers get the right part, at the right time, at the right price. Trane provides special government pricing, turnkey subcontracting plans for projects under the following GSA Schedule contracts:

GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract # 47QSWA20D002A 

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