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Ferrero Manufacturing Facility in Belsk, Poland Increases Energy and Operational Efficiency, Sustainability and Comfort

October 19, 2012

Ferrero may be best known for delicious chocolate creations wrapped in gold foil, but the global confectionary company is setting an industry “gold standard” at its Belsk, Poland manufacturing plant by embracing environmentally responsible, energy-efficient systems.

Recent energy saving improvements at eight plant buildings, designed to meet a global corporate commitment to sustainability, are part of the Ferrero journey to attain a high performance building outcome.

A Long-Term Commitment to Sustainability
The efficient solutions at the Belsk plant make sound environmental and fiscal sense and demonstrate Ferrero’s global commitment to energy and operational efficiency and sustainability.

The efficient solutions undertaken at the Belsk plant help Ferrero to meet European sustainability goals established by company leaders. By 2020 Ferrero leaders plan to derive 30 percent of energy used from renewable sources, reduce CO2 emissions by 40 percent and water consumption by 20 percent, and use cogeneration plants or renewable resources to generate 100 percent of electrical power used at the facility.

Ferrero Implements Sustainable, Energy Efficient Solutions
Ferrero Polska incorporated the company’s global sustainability goals as part of a new construction effort undertaken in cooperation with Trane beginning in 2001. Since then, Ferrero Polska has completed more than 20 projects within eight main buildings aimed at creating sustainable, energy and operationally efficient and comfortable environments.

Production Hall Number 3
Ferrero Polska implemented a fully integrated cooling system to ensure precise environmental conditions critical to the production process that takes place in this 12,000-square-meter building.

The implemented system is 40 percent more energy efficient than a conventional solution, generating annual energy savings of 130,000 EUR. This solution ensures a critical indoor temperature of 18 degrees Celsius and 55-60 percent humidity levels.

The system features air handling units with a free-cooling option, variable flow technology, water-cooled chillers and cooling towers managed by a chiller plant control automation system that enables the energy and operational optimization of the entire system.

Large storage building
Ferrero Polska's 1,500-square-meter storage facility requires an innovative cooling system to ensure efficient, effective and precise temperature and humidity control of the entire space.

Ferrero Polska implemented an integrated cooling system and state-of-the art, high-range ventilation nozzles combined with air-handling units and a sophisticated draught ventilation system. This innovative solution enables Ferrero to use 100 percent of the building’s storage space and maintain specific precise temperatures needed within the building.

Office area
A highly efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system ensures a comfortable productive environment and meets the standards typical for an A+ Class office building. The system features fan coils with variable flow technology and ZN Series controls that improve acoustic and thermal comfort and provide a 20 percent energy savings compared to standard fan-coils. A Tracer Summit™ building automation system provides centralized building control that can be accessed remotely.

Trane Solutions Help Ferrero on its High Performance Buildings Journey
All HVAC systems at the plant are fully integrated with building automation and control systems which allows Ferrero to simultaneously optimize each unit for the highest comfort, productivity and operational and energy efficiency levels.

The completed projects are a key step in creating high performance buildings, which are safe, comfortable and efficient. They meet specific standards for energy and water use, system reliability and uptime, environmental compliance and occupant comfort and safety.

High performance buildings help owners and occupants achieve their business missions by using design and operating standards that are created, measured and continually validated to get desired outcomes within specified tolerances.