CoolSense® Integrated Outdoor Air Systems

Pre-Engineered by Trane


CoolSense® Integrated Outdoor Air Systems

Pre-Engineered by Trane

The CoolSense® pre-packaged HVAC design system combines a dedicated outdoor-air system (DOAS) with chilled-water sensible-cooling terminal units to deliver a flexible, energy-efficient solution that enhances comfortable spaces and simplifies maintenance.

Key Benefits:
  • Maximizes comfort through zone-specific temperature adjustments, independent from humidity control
  • Provides flexibility to easily reconfigure zones for changing building and occupant needs
  • Minimizes maintenance and cleaning with dry cooling coil operation at zone-level terminal units
  • Actively monitors ventilation by zone to ensure ASHRAE 62.1 code compliance — avoiding the waste of over-ventilation or excessive air changes
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Demand-Controlled Ventilation Optimizes Energy Efficiency

This unique system allows for decoupling of the latent and sensible loads within a space to optimize the energy required to provide precision ventilation and specific temperature control to each zone.

Thermal Battery Heat Pump for Water-Cooled Chillers

Enhances Comfort and Indoor Air Quality

Variable speed fan control allows for just the right amount of ventilation air at any given time. This improves indoor air quality (IAQ) while minimizing the amount of energy required for a comfortable, well-ventilated space.

Customized Solutions

Easy to Maintain Today, Flexible for Tomorrow

Because incoming ventilation air is already dehumidified by the DOAS unit, the zone-level terminal units stay moisture-free, simplifying maintenance. Additionally, the system’s design makes it easy to re-configure for changing building needs.

Coordinated Controls Balance Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Our Tracer SC+ building automation system allows for a balanced approach between comfort and energy efficiency. Built-in applications, like Trim and Respond, coordinate the setpoints and systems utilizing ASHRAE Guideline 36 sequences. Beyond connection and coordination, Air-Fi wireless can provide communication flexibility for the future

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