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Keep your Building On-Track this Summer by Validating Results

July 07, 2016

Shopping Mall

You’ve created your energy roadmap with strategies and goals to beat the heat and keep your summer utility bills from skyrocketing. Now what?

Ongoing validation of your results is a key step to help ensure your strategies are yielding big results. Validation helps keep your building on track, while also gaining the buy-in; resources and funding you may need for additional energy management projects and improvements all year long.

These three steps will help you yield continued improvements and savings, and ensure your systems and equipment continue to perform efficiently throughout summer’s hottest days.

Benchmark your data

Establishing a baseline with your chosen key performance indicators (KPIs) is an important part of validation. The baseline data helps you compare performance and trends against your building’s historical data, so you know where improvements are working — and where they are not. Comparing against your peer’s benchmarks is also a helpful option to consider.

Work with a trusted partner

With Trane as your partner in your building energy management process, you get ongoing support and analysis for the validation process. Trane brings deep expertise in conducting continuous evaluation and tailors the process for your specific building and situation. Technology can provide insights and analysis of building performance. However, the knowledgeable people and expertise of an energy management partner like Trane are what turn that information into action — for even greater improvements.

Share your results

Awareness is a key part in the success of any building project. Utilizing energy dashboards and other reporting tools to demonstrate to building occupants or other stakeholders how improvement projects are saving energy — and costs — can allow people to take ownership of the efficiency efforts and improve buy-in. Sharing the success of project improvements is also critical for continued financial or community support, and for gaining support for future improvements.

Continuous evaluation and benchmarking will help ensure your building remains on track this summer. Visit our site, or get contacted by a local Trane representative, to learn more about how Trane can help you understand how to best measure your KPIs and benchmark progress over time so you can turn your building into an asset.

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