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Trane® / Mitsubishi


VRF systems flexible enough for any building. 

Featuring an innovative two-pipe system, Trane® / Mitsubishi CITY MULTI VRF units offer operational, design and application flexibility. All options for air and water-source heat pump or simultaneous heat/cool systems offer maximum building efficiency. Ventilation solutions and multiple control options can round out a complete system to meet your unique needs.

N-Gen CITY MULTI Double Unit Front Facing Hero


Advantages That Create Better Buildings and Businesses

  • Advanced INVERTER Technology

    Varies the speed of the compressor for more efficient cooling and heating

  • Complete Zoning Control

    Only heat and cool areas that need it, preventing energy waste and unnecessary spending


  • Greater Design Flexibility

    Applicable for any application—from modern designs to historic renovations

  • Complete Product Family

    Compatible with all spaces, from the smallest spaces to the largest buildings and campuses

  • Sustainable Technology

    Contributes to Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) credits and saves energy

  • Quiet Operation

    Ultra-quiet noise levels

  • Simultaneous Operation

    Two–pipe heat recovery system that simultaneously cools and heats

VRF Training

Industry-leading, country-wide programs specifically for engineers and contractors

What Are CITY MULTI® VRF Solutions?

CITY MULTI® VRF includes a variety of outdoor and indoor unit options. Your local Trane team can help you get paired with the best one for your building goals. 

CITY MULTI® VRF Outdoor Units 



Provides simultaneous heating and cooling to multiple zones in a building.



Heats or cools up to 50 zones, maximizing building design options.


CITY MULTI® VRF Indoor Units


Discreetly incorporate VRF in interior layouts to support building spaces.


Discreetly incorporate VRF in interior layouts to support building spaces.

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