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This Year From Trane: Top 5 Blogs of 2022

From the experts at Trane, discover the 5 most popular blogs of 2022.

Through our people, passion, and purpose, we create comfortable and energy-efficient environments around the world. Throughout 2022 we shared well over one hundred blogs to connect you with current industry insights, up-to-date expert advice, and the latest building technology and energy solutions. We’ve rounded up Trane’s top 5 most popular blogs of 2022, check them out below!


Celebrating 50 years of the Engineers Newsletter - 1/11/2022


The year 2022 marks the 50-year anniversary of Trane’s Engineers Newsletter (EN) publication. This year, in addition to our quarterly topical newsletter publications, we’re going to highlight past newsletter topics as they relate to current issues and showcase past and current authors. To kick off this year-long celebration, applications engineer Eric Sturm writes about the past fifty years of ENs.

Read the full article here


4 Benefits of Preventative HVAC Maintenance for Restaurants - 2/10/2022


Heating and cooling equipment is a major expense for restaurant owners. Not only is the equipment expensive, it’s estimated that HVAC accounts for anywhere from 25% to 40% of the overall energy use in a quick-service restaurant. Reactive maintenance is costly to your bottom line. Get out of reactive mode and take control over the destiny of your operations

Read the full article here


2022-2023 Federal Funding Resource Guide for State & Local Governments - 7/18/2022


Recently, federal funds have been committed to state and local governments to help America recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and help improve infrastructure throughout the nation. Hear from Jennifer Geen, senior energy services account executive at Trane, about the multiple funding options available and how to capitalize on this opportunity to modernize your community.

Read the full article here


What is Decarbonization and why does it matter? - 9/07/2022


Are you starting to see the word Decarbonization pop up everywhere you go? Are you still not exactly sure what it means and why it matters? Get back to the basics with Trane Experts, Chris Jones and Joe Lucash, and learn about the foundational areas of decarbonization and the key drivers leading the movement to lower carbon buildings.

Read the full article here


Bethany Children's Health Center: A Decades-Long Collaboration Built on Service - 9/16/2022


Streets, LLC is a family business that has provided philanthropic support and HVAC contracting for the Oklahoma City pediatric rehabilitation campus for over 50 years. In this contractor spotlight, learn the long history of partnership between Trane and Streets and how we worked together to provide solutions at Bethany Children's Health Center.

Read the full article here