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Keep the balance: Monitoring your building’s IEQ

July 09, 2021

keep the balance

The 2020 pandemic magnified that buildings — along with the operations they house — are vulnerable to unseen health threats. Now more than ever, addressing people’s confidence and comfort inside a building can be core to business success and a vital part of a building’s value proposition, and its marketability. Taking the right long-term approach to your building’s indoor environmental quality (IEQ) can help you ensure your building’s wellness, and more importantly, the well-being of its occupants.

The work doesn’t end, however, once you address any challenges and the desired IEQ is achieved. To maintain results, it’s critical to continue to manage and optimize IEQ through ongoing monitoring, integrated controls and periodic service.

Building conditions, standards, objectives and business realities can change constantly. Working to ensure that you maintain optimal IEQ for your building’s occupants helps ensure that your building remains tenant-friendly – and marketable. Additionally, ongoing monitoring can help you manage energy efficiency and operational expenses. 

Through integrated building controls, standalone IoT technologies and a range of services, we help you gain visibility and better control over elements that can impact occupants’ wellbeing:

  1. Monitoring solutions - Small, wireless in-room devices which measure certain contaminants and conditions in the air could be easily installed to provide you with a visible digital, color-coded air quality assessment and tips on how to improve it.
  2. Monitoring and management systems - When integrated with Trane® controls, a monitoring and management system can collect critical data about a building’s air and environmental quality and automatically adjust air flow between indoors and outdoors, increasing ventilation when needed to help optimize air quality
  3. Service plans - An ongoing service plan can help ensure that you have a knowledgeable team at the ready to proactively address any unexpected IEQ challenges. 

Trane offers easily accessible expertise along with solutions and recommendations aligned with industry standards.

Learn how our Wellsphere approach can make the difference for you. Wellsphere™ from Trane is a holistic, human-centric approach to enhancing a building’s viability. This approach helps improve occupant wellness in line with energy efficiency and business goals. A team of interdisciplinary experts assesses your building’s conditions and identifies how you can mitigate the situation to improve your building’s IEQ – and maintain it moving forward.