Watt's in the News? - Volume 22

Energy Resources: The Big Picture Perspective

Looking at sustainability requires a big picture perspective on energy resources of all kinds, so students need to be able to analyze charts showing all the various energy sources to understand our current use of renewable & non-renewable energy. As it relates to charts and graphs, the diagrams are sometimes not shown according to scale, so included in this section would be the ability to calculate percentages similar to what is shared in the following video from the Lawrence Livermore National Lab:

Everything You Need to Know About the Energy Flowcharts - YouTube

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The second NC3 Data Analytics certification, “Optimizing Energy & Sustainability with Data Analytics,” is a ten hour certification that builds on what students learn in the first cert, “Harnessing the Power of Data.” Combined, they provide a great opportunity to increase career awareness and create the energy needed for consumers as our country plans and prepares for the future.

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Tate Honaker

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