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Bring the Outdoors in with Optimized Ventilation

May 24, 2021


With dining rooms opening across the nation, building confidence in indoor spaces will be key to bringing employees and customers back into kitchen and dining spaces.

Today the restaurant and food service industry is working to recover from an estimated $240 billion loss, according to the National Restaurant Association. And that rebound has owners and facility managers navigating financial, staffing and operation challenges in a post-pandemic business environment.

“It’s more than good food that will bring customers back inside,” Greg DuChane, Trane Restaurant Vertical market leader and engineer said. “Restaurants will need to ensure both their employees and customers feel confident indoors. People are ready to dine again and ensuring worry-free dining will be a key marketing strategy in many areas.”

So how do you build that confidence? Through action. Through education. Repeat.

“Until customers feel comfortable indoors, they won’t be able to dine worry-free,” said DuChane.

Air circulation and filtration are the simplest way to create healthier indoor environments. In a restaurant, that means more than just the dining room – it encompasses the kitchen, prep areas restrooms, and storage areas.

Outdoor air ventilation
Without going deep into the science and physics of particles and airflow, we all understand that ventilation is an important part of managing air quality. Whether it’s purging odors, removing heat, bringing in fresh air – it’s important to the overall health and operation of an HVAC system.

Increasing fresh air is one of the simplest, most cost-effective ways of refreshing your indoor air. By bringing in more fresh outside air and using less recirculated air, your customers and employees can truly breathe easier. This is also necessary for the normal operation your system. If you’re doing these things the way you should, you’re already becoming more resilient.

“Tell your customers and employees to take a deep breath and enjoy it,” said Duchane. “If your system is operating normally and optimized for all conditions in your building, then it’s continuously refreshing the air they’re breathing.”

Educate your teams: show your employees what they can’t see
Reinforce with your employees what you’re doing to improve the indoor air quality of their workplace. Help them understand the mechanism of air quality so they can share their confidence and comfort with the customers they help each day.

Do it today: let us be your biggest fans
If you aren’t sure about the quality of your indoor air – let us help. Our experts understand the unique applications for restaurants and kitchens and can help you achieve your IAQ goals using the most cost-effective solutions.

To learn more about Trane solutions for IAQ management and monitoring, please contact us today or call your local Trane Sales Office.

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