Monitoring & Validation

Energy data and reporting to baseline, manage and validate carbon reduction initiatives

Baselining your energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions is a critical step on your energy journey. Trane uses a data-driven approach to confirm energy performance and efficiency so you can understand its impact on your bottom line and sustainability.

Analyze Your GHG Emissions with Trane

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Reasons To Act

Get Proactive With Energy Tracking and Reporting

Expert analytics can help guide your energy and environmental sustainability efforts:

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Evaluate energy use across your facility portfolio

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Understand energy use trends and opportunities for optimization

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Utilize a consistent monitoring and measurement approach to communicate your results

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Balance KPIs for occupant comfort and energy initiatives

Benefits / Outcomes

Leverage Powerful Analytics Tools To Assess Energy Performance and Unlock Building Potential


Comprehensive baselining helps you understand your facilities’ energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions


Ongoing monitoring, management and reporting ensure your program stays on track


Solution validation ensures your environmental sustainability outcomes are successfully delivered

Methods / Process

Trane Uses a Data-Driven Approach To Guide You to Sustainable Results

Facility and Operations Analysis

Expert-led assessments provide you with a holistic view of your facility’s current energy profile

Monitoring and Reporting

You receive ongoing analysis and insights on where and how best to reduce consumption to build long-term sustainability

Outcome Validation

Trane provides validated results to help you report and share your success with stakeholders and shareholders.

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