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Watt's in the News? - Volume 34

BTU Crew Newsletter Volume #26: Mission Possible

Last week we looked at the role economics and incentives play in the energy discussion and now here’s an activity that can really help take this big picture look at energy a step or two further. Shared with permission by the National Energy Education Development Project (the NEED Project), we really like this activity as it puts students in the role of being the decision-maker in making energy-focused decisions. Based on a hypothetical situation of needing to meet the energy needs for a growing country, students that like to know what will be on the test so they can memorize the answers may find this activity challenging as there isn’t a single “right” answer. That is one of the reasons we like “Mission Possible”…it challenges the students to think! Going beyond filling in the blanks on a test, this activity requires students to communicate their recommendations to the rest of the class. In a time when civil discussion with those who might have opposing viewpoints is much needed, this activity brings all the pieces together in a way that will help prepare students for their future roles as voters and decision-makers of our energy future. (While this activity takes some time to become familiar with and set up the first time, it is well worth the effort and can then easily be used in following years.)

Mission-Possible-1.pdf (

As students begin to understand the challenges of increasing capacity and upgrading infrastructure to be able to move electricity from producer to consumer, they begin to see the value of energy efficiency as we work to make the most of the energy sources we are currently using. The ability to use new data analytics technology to optimize energy use in buildings (including schools just like yours!) creates an exciting opportunity to build career awareness and exploration, including the opportunity for students to earn industry certification. (see attached NC3 flyers) The engaging part for students is in cases like this it is no longer just a case study in a textbook…they have a connection to the data!

If you are interested in becoming industry-certified to be able to offer the NC3 data analytics certifications to your students, WSU Tech will be hosting a week of in-person trainings the second week of June in Wichita, KS, with trainings for these first two data analytics certifications scheduled for Thurs/Friday, June 13/14. We also offer these trainings virtually throughout the year, so be sure to let us know if you are interested.

Stay tuned as next week we will take a closer look at one of the industry tools available to help bring these energy studies to life.

Have a great week!

Dan & Bill

Tate Honaker

Meet Dan WhislerTrane Educator in Residence

Tate Honaker

Meet Bill NelsonTrane Educator in Residence

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