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Move IAQ projects forward faster with new Trane financing

October 19, 2020


Infrastructure upgrades to help mitigate air pollution inside schools—mold, radon, VOCs, and certain viruses and communicable diseases—have often been passed over as a budget priority.  As a result, fully half of all U.S. school districts need to update multiple systems such as HVAC and plumbing. One-third of schools need to update HVAC systems.[1]

Today the need to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) is more urgent than ever. The CDC and other leading health organizations have cited IAQ is an important line of defense against certain airborne pathogens, including COVID-19. Air can be an ally. On the downside, this comes at a time when many districts have experienced a decrease in state and local funding. Nearly every school is facing unexpected costs to cover personal protection equipment (PPE) and technology to facilitate distance learning. Budgets are stretched to the max.

Knowing that schools are facing unprecedented challenges and financial burdens, Trane is further innovating to bring funding into the overall IAQ plan.

Why this matters: Qualified districts may be able to complete IAQ projects immediately by bundling the cost of an IAQ Assessment, pertinent solutions and even ongoing service into one convenient financing solution, provided by Trane.

Our new low-cost financing options require no-out-of-pocket expenses or down payments for qualified districts, and offer manageable, flexible financing structures and payments. Options include a tax-exempt lease purchase (TELP) and managed service agreement, which allow  many districts to act now and pay later with deferred payments and extended terms.

Beyond that, Trane’s K-12 specialists can help district leaders identify additional funding resources: CARES Act, federal grants, utility rebates and more.  (See previous post.) 

Trane’s K-12 specialist can review the advantages of the various funding options and help set up the right program for your school district. Learn more here.




Financing terms and conditions are subject to credit approval by Trane Technologies Financial Services and will be based on review of the creditworthiness of the customer, prevailing interest rates and other factors.

The transmission of Covid-19 may occur in a variety of ways and circumstances, many of the aspects of which are currently not known. HVAC systems, products, services and other offerings have not been tested for their effectiveness in reducing the spread of COVI-19, including through the air in closed environments.



[1] “K-12 EDUCATION: School Districts Frequently Identified Multiple Building Systems Needing Updates or Replacement”, U.S. Government Accountability Office,, June 4, 2020, Accessed September 17, 2020.