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Life Sciences

You’re already changing lives. Now let’s change the world.

The Life Sciences industry plays a pivotal role in providing quality products to shape a brighter future. The industry has set ambitious goals for helping to reduce carbon emissions and achieving Net Zero. 

At Trane, we are committed to advancing energy efficiency on a global scale and are here to support the Pharma Value Chain. We collaborate closely with industry leaders to develop solutions that not only enable them to achieve their sustainability goals but also empower them to focus on developing the treatments and therapies of tomorrow.


Achieving Decarbonization

Our team of experts understands the energy-intensive nature of cGMP and cGLP environments, where precise humidity control, effective pressurization management, and critical processes like sterility and refrigeration are essential. Regardless of where you are on your decarbonization journey, we are here to provide support every step of the way. Our focus is on refining operations to help minimize costs, enhance efficiency, and uphold precise and predictable conditions that align with FDA regulatory standards. 

Trusted Environments

Ensuring compliance and reliable indoor environmental conditions is essential for seamless operations. From temperature and humidity to pressure and indoor environmental quality (IEQ), every detail is critical to help prevent deviations or product loss. We recognize that your compliance and sustainability goals can go hand in hand. Discover how our systems expertise and comprehensive portfolio can transform your business with the right sized, individualized solutions.

Unrivaled Service & Support

In controlled environments, even the slightest deviation from specifications can have repercussions, ranging from shutdowns for cleaning and revalidation to risking product quality. Service plays a vital role in minimizing downtime and ensuring compliance. We take pride in offering the widest range of service options in the industry. With over 150 local offices, a team of over 3,000 highly skilled technicians, and a rental fleet accessible throughout the US, we provide the support you need to maintain seamless and compliant operations.

Looking for +4°C to -80°C walk-in or reach-in solutions?

Farrar, a division of Trane Technologies, offers a comprehensive range of cooling solutions for diverse applications. Solutions range from laboratory freezers to cooling systems for bulk drug substance/drug product processing and storage, as well as walk-in and drive-in coolers. Farrar’s pioneering forced-air convection cooling solutions are revolutionizing the industry, setting new standards for innovation. Explore more about these transformative solutions.




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