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Next-Level Indoor Air Quality for Hospitals: More than Filtration

June 27, 2022


The Healthcare industry has been concerned about indoor air quality (IAQ) for decades. Infection control and the rise of indoor infectious diseases made ventilation, HVAC, and filtration paramount. More recent global outbreaks accentuated the need to maintain or improve IAQ and how to help detect, remove, dilute, and disinfect pathogenic organisms from the hospital environment.

While specific aspects of a virus’s infectivity, spread, and routes of transmission are still under investigation, proper air filtration remains one important approach to maintaining the quality of indoor air in hospitals — but we must go beyond ventilation and beyond filtration.

What hangs in the balance is vitally important: How do you enhance indoor spaces for healthcare workers and patients while meeting stringent hospital air quality requirements without negatively impacting energy efficiency, the environment, and operating costs?

Wellsphere - Trane’s Holistic Approach to Hospital Building Wellness
Wellsphere is a holistic approach to building wellness that starts with a dedicated Trane team that partners with you every step of the way. Wellsphere leverages Trane’s unmatched experience and expertise, and innovative portfolio of products and services that place the well-being of people first.

Indoor environment quality (IEQ) is deeply influenced by IAQ but there are other elements that impact the well-being of patients, staff, and the community. Wellsphere addresses the four elements of indoor environmental quality.

  • Air Quality – Create comfortable, cleaner air while addressing airborne health risks
  • Thermal Comfort – Design a stimulating environment that is also energy efficient
  • Lighting – Foster positive productive spaces that respect the body’s circadian rhythm
  • Acoustics – Reduce noise to enhance comfort, increase concentration, and improve sound privacy

Partner with Trane - the Hospital IEQ Expert
The indoor environment of a hospital can affect employee and patient wellbeing – not to mention energy and financial resources.

Trane provides customized solutions for your hospital’s unique needs to meet their standards and deliver quality air, light, and thermal and acoustic comfort while conserving energy and managing expenses.