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The Trane Thermal Battery™ System: What It Is, Why You’d Want It and How the Inflation Reduction Act Can Help Pay For It

For the first time, thermal energy storage is one of the technologies eligible for federal incentives.

Imagine if you could store energy for heating and cooling your building. You could buy it when it’s the least expensive per kilowatt hour, then use it later during peak periods.

You could generate your own energy with solar panels or wind turbines, store it, then use it at night. And during power outages, you could keep your occupants comfortable by using the energy you’ve stored. Essentially, you’d have a battery for the energy that heats and cools your building.

Ideal for buildings with high energy costs.

That’s the concept behind the Trane Thermal Battery™ System. It’s a Trane-controlled chiller plant or storage source heat pump (SSHP) enhanced with thermal energy storage. It can be designed into a new building or retrofitted when you’re replacing your chiller plant. All you need is space for the tanks, and they can go virtually anywhere: inside, outside, on the roof, even buried.

More flexibility for you. Less demand on the grid.

By storing energy and discharging it later, you not only have more options on how and when to use your thermal energy, you also reduce stress on the grid. Less demand on our aging energy infrastructure is good for everyone.

It’s never been more affordable.

By now you’re wondering about costs and return on investment. Well, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, there’s money available to help building owners like you create the infrastructure that will reduce greenhouse gases over time — almost $370 billion dollars in tax credits, deductions, alternative deductions, rebates and more favorable accelerated depreciation formulas.

For the first time, thermal energy storage is one of the technologies eligible for federal incentives. Incentives available through the IRA could reduce your investment by 50% or more.1

With tax credits AND a utility rebate, a full thermal storage system may not only cost less than a conventional system, it can also be less than a partial storage system.

And if your organization is tax-exempt? You may be able to receive a cash payment in lieu of tax credits.

Curious about how much you could save on a Trane Thermal Battery™ system for your building? Contact your Account Manager. We can help you craft a solution for your building that’s efficient and affordable.

Trane does not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. This material is for informational purposes only and it should not be relied on for tax, legal, or accounting advice. Tax law is subject to continual change. All decisions are your responsibility, and you should consult your own tax, legal, and accounting advisors. Trane disclaims any responsibility for actions taken on the material presented.