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Baxter Manufacturing Facility in Sabiñanigo Significantly Lowers Energy Use and Improves Comfort

November 21, 2012

Baxter Manufacturing Facility in Sabiñanigo Significantly Lowers Energy Use and Improves Comfort

Baxter International Inc., is a diversified healthcare company that develops, manufactures and markets products that save and sustain the lives of people with hemophilia, immune disorders, cancer, infectious diseases, kidney disease, trauma and other chronic and acute medical conditions.

In early 2010 Baxter initiated the infrastructure improvements at its Spanish plant to address outdated infrastructure systems, load efficiency challenges, large energy wastes and the need to retrofit the refrigerant R22.

Upgrades were needed because Baxter’s manufacturing facility in Sabiñanigo was wasting energy due to an inefficient and ineffective chiller plant design. Aging infrastructure systems hydraulic imbalance and poor chiller plant control were also creating challenges.

Leaders at Baxter have completed energy-saving infrastructure upgrades that they expect will reduce energy use within its Spanish manufacturing facility an average of 35 percent per year. The energy-efficient systems and solutions have also helped the plant to cut its annual carbon emissions by approximately 450,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2). This is equivalent to planting 2,260 trees each year.

Environmental stewardship has been central to Baxter for more than three decades. By 2015 the company is committed to reducing its global greenhouse gas emissions from operations by 45 percent ─ indexed to revenue ─ compared to 2005. The plant in Sabiñanigo reflects that corporate commitment and the selected system upgrades are part of various energy efficient initiatives realized in recent years.

Energy Modeling Helps Optimize Efficiency Investments

Prior to selecting the infrastructure upgrades, Trane and Baxter used Trace™ 700 energy modeling software to weigh the merits of potential solutions against the current installation. Based on the results, Baxter chose solutions that would best fit their needs and optimize production levels and comfort within the facility.

Modernization efforts finalized in August 2011 included replacement of the aging chillers with new, energy-efficient units and re-engineering of the chilled water distribution system to improve load profile and guarantee precise temperature control.

A focus on sustainability and energy efficiency resulted in implementation of water-side free cooling that takes advantage of the cooler temperatures at the plant’s high altitude to help chill water for the air conditioning system.

The upgraded cooling and air conditioning system currently features three new Trane RTAD chillers, variable frequency drives and static and dynamic hydronic balancing. The system also features a dry cooler, heat exchangers and other energy efficient solutions.

All the solutions are linked and controlled through Tracer Summit™ and Chiller Plant Control automation systems. The plant also committed to a continuous service and maintenance agreement to further reduce system inefficiencies and to prevent unplanned downtime.

Trane Delivers Healthy Bottom Line Results for Baxter

Anticipated savings estimates indicate that after modernization, the plant is using 35 percent less energy for cooling, resulting in annual energy savings of approximately €78,000.

The upgrades link the physical environment of the manufacturing facilities to the company’s business objectives. This link represents a key step in Baxter’s journey to create high performance buildings.