Investing in Projects Now Can Pay Off Throughout the Year

September 01, 2016

consider building improvements

As summer winds down, you likely have a better idea of what improvements can be made in your building to help optimize energy efficiency, occupant comfort and equipment performance. In most cases in life, it’s better to be proactive than reactive, and now is the time to consider what improvement projects need to be done that will pay off during the hottest days next summer — and all year long.

There is a wide range of building improvements that can help you improve building and system performance.

  • Implement a predictive maintenance program.
  • Look at problem areas in your building. Are there areas where you frequently get hot or cold complaints?
  • Continually commission systems to maintain their expected performance
  • Consider equipment upgrades and technologies that help shift energy demand to off peak hours.
  • Utilize scheduling for your building equipment and systems to match how your building is being used.
  • Inspect heating and cooling ducts, sealing any leaks that are found.

Join us next week, when we look ahead to preparing your building for fall and winter.