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Improving how data centers are developed, designed and operated

Leverage Trane’s expertise to help you create an energy-efficient, sustainable data center.

Bearded IT Technician in Glasses with a Laptop Computer and Black Male Engineer Colleague are Talking in Data Center while Working Next to Server Racks. Running Diagnostics or Doing Maintenance Work.

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), 5G networks and the Internet of Things (IoT) have led to an exponential increase in the demand for data. The total amount of data created, stored, copied and used globally is forecast to nearly triple—rising from 64.2 zettabytes in 2020 to more than 180 zettabytes¹ in 2025—placing unprecedented pressure on data centers.

Simultaneously, data centers are further challenged to meet market demands with limited access to power. Sourcing enough power is a top priority of data center operators across North America, Europe, Latin America and AsiaPacific.² Trane is responding to the needs of the data center industry by aggressively investing in technologies and strategies that enable you to use energy more efficiently and tap into stranded capacity.


2 CBRE. 2023. Global Data Center Trends 2023.


Where will data centers get the energy they need?

How to build when the power isn't there


High-density AI chips demand hyperscalers and co-locationers to re-evaluate their long-term cooling strategies.

Data centers warm up to liquid cooling


Control the controllable—managing HVAC infrastructure can maximize uptime and minimize costs.

Stay Cool - Help Maximize Uptime by Avoiding HVAC-Related Outages

Whether you’re managing a hyperscale facility, colocation or legacy enterprise data center, Trane’s energy-efficient, mission-critical solutions can help you maintain critical cooling while optimizing energy. Our in-house controls team designs controllers that integrate with non-HVAC and HVAC systems for a cohesive building infrastructure with high cooling performance and optimized energy usage. We can provide multiple cooling solutions tailored to the data center industry, including applied hydronic or air-cooled systems, liquid cooling and air handling units—all designed to help you sustainably meet today’s unconstrained market demands.


How can I get enough power for a new data center?

Getting access to energy in a low latency zone is a significant challenge for businesses looking to develop a new data center. Trane can advise you as you negotiate with utility companies, demonstrating ways that your data center can shave peak loads through energy storage and become a supporting partner rather than a strain on the grid. 


How can I be sure my new data center is futureproof?

When it comes to providing mission-critical cooling, Trane offers a broad portfolio of solutions including liquid immersion, air-cooled and water-cooled systems. Because we can apply so many different strategies, we can help you craft a solution that’s right for your needs now and into the future—whether that’s traditional air-cooled, the latest-gen liquid immersion or a hybrid system. To increase cooling temporarily in your current data center, Trane Rental Services can be an immediate solution. Let our cooling experts deliver the reliability and efficiency your operations demand while we work together to determine the best long-term solution for your needs.


How can I meet sustainability goals while consuming more energy because of increased demand?

Driven by AI, 5G and IoT technologies, the demand for data is soaring, and data centers are increasingly pressured to expand their capacity. At the same time, however, they must continue to pursue their sustainability objectives and meet their decarbonization goals. Adding to this complexity is a proposed SEC rule that would make ESG reporting mandatory, suggesting that data centers should prepare to disclose their carbon impact as part of their 10-K financial filings.³  Trane offers a consultative approach tailored to your unique situation. We can help you strike a balance between expansion and sustainability, ensuring that each step you make toward increased capacity is fueled by strategies for environmental responsibility.


What can I do to maximize uptime?

Leveraging decades of experience in building automation systems (BAS) and controls, Trane can seamlessly integrate your data center’s HVAC system with power management subsystems, ensuring holistic efficiency and reliability. Additionally, our Connected Mechanical Service Agreement enables proactive system monitoring and data-driven identification of potential issues and efficiency optimization opportunities.


Get expert guidance at every stage of a data center’s lifecycle

Trane can help you balance your cooling needs with energy efficiency from early planning through dayto-day operations. As your consultative partner, we’ll show you ways to help manage the challenges of external factors that affect your business, including labor shortages, refrigerant regulations and transition and pressures to meet decarbonization milestones. 

Danielle Rossi, Global Director of Mission Critical Cooling at Trane, explains why it's time to think outside the chiller and consider the critical role heat reuse can play in achieving sustainability goals.

The Untapped Potential of Heat Reuse in Data Center Cooling Design

With labor shortages impacting your ability to scale up, Trane can help you minimize the number of on-site personnel by automating processes and shifting some of your service requirements to us. Building a new data center? Here are three strategies to help you avoid construction delays due to the supply chain.

3 Ways to Mitigate Supply Chain Challenges

Trane is transitioning our products to refrigerants that meet evolving regulations aimed at reducing carbon emissions from hydrofluorocarbons. Learn how we are engineering low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants into our products and how we can help you with your own refrigerant transition.

Refrigerant Transition Overview

The story of our decarbonization successes can be found in the numbers. See how Trane has reduced greenhouse gas emissions from 2019 to 2022.

Download the report

Trane Technologies reduces the carbon impact of HVAC in homes and buildings through low-carbon steel purchase agreements with Nucor Corporation and U.S. Steel. The steel will be used in U.S. manufacturing operations, like the ones represented in this video, to build Trane® high-efficiency heat pumps and air conditioners for homes, and thermal management systems for commercial buildings such as schools and data centers.

Watch the video

Trane Technologies has made a significant commitment to combat climate change by pledging to reduce one billion metric tons of carbon emissions from its customers' footprint, aiming for net zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050.

Learn more about our Gigaton Challenge

Learn why it’s critical to consider climate change and extreme weather conditions when designing your data center. Read the blogs:

Part 1

Part 2

Cooling Solutions for Hyperscalers & Co-Location Data Centers


Data Center Climate Changer

A fan coil wall designed specifically for more efficiency. They are produced on a dedicated line for faster availability.

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TCAA Air-Cooled Oil-Free Magnetic Bearing Chillers

Premium energy efficiency is TCAA's primary advantage.

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connected buildings

Connected Mechanical Service Agreement

Bolster on-site planned mechanical service with data-driven remote inspection and tune-ups.

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ACR Ascend® ACR Chillers

An amazing combination of high-energy efficiency and quiet performance.

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connected buildings

CTV CenTraVac® Water-Cooled Chiller

If you need a water-cooled system, our CenTraVac chillers have been used in multiple data centers.

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rental truck

Rental Services

Trane Rental Services supports critical applications from hospitals to ice rinks to data centers and beyond.

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