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Decarbonization 101: A Six Part Guide

With decarbonization, electrification, energy efficiency, and other ever-changing hot topics being discussed, where can you go for reliable info relevant to your world? Turn to Trane thought leaders who go behind the curtain each week with new blogs sharing industry insights, innovations, and inspiration on optimizing indoor environments across an array of markets we serve. Using leadership in building technology and energy solutions to get it right for the customer and the climate.

1. What is Decarbonization and why does it matter?

Are you starting to see the word Decarbonization pop up everywhere you go? Are you still not exactly sure what it means and why it matters? Get back to the basics with Trane Experts, Chris Jones and Joe Lucash, and learn about the foundational areas of decarbonization and the key drivers leading the movement to lower carbon buildings.

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2. What are the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint?

Staying relevant in today’s competitive market can be challenging, especially since there's more to success than simply meeting traditional business goals. Thriving organizations must now look beyond decades-old drivers to examine their impact on the environment as they begin investing in corporate sustainability efforts. Hear from Doug Robertson, Account Manager, Turnkey for Trane, on the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint and more.

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3. What is the cause of carbon emissions by buildings?

Understanding the impact of Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions can provide clear guidance for building management in identifying the carbon emissions associated with their own facilities. Hear from Erica Velarde, Comprehensive Solutions Account Executive for Trane, as she explains the cause of carbon emissions in buildings and more.

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4. What is an energy efficient building?

In recent years, much attention has been focused on the concept of energy efficiency. Discover what an energy-efficient building is and the three key principles model for making a building more efficient.

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5. What are the primary objectives of an Energy Management System?

The primary objective of an Energy Management System (EMS) is to allow organizations to make smarter decisions that will help them meet their goals - financial, infrastructure, and/or environmental. Hear from Eric Wilson, Intelligent Services Operations Leader at Trane, about the primary objectives of an EMS.

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6. What is the process of an energy efficiency audit?

Understanding how your building consumes energy is a vital step in effective energy management. Discover the process of an energy efficiency audit and how it can help you on your decarbonization journey.

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