Trane® Design Assist™

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Trane® Design Assist™

Trane® Design Assist™

Trane® Design Assist™

Trane® Design Assist™ is the newest web application from Trane that delivers high performing Building Automation System designs and documentation for commercial buildings. It supports multiple HVAC applications such as AHUs, Cooling Plant Systems, Heating Plant Systems, Dedicated Outdoor Air System, Chiller Heater System, Variable Air Volume Systems, VRF, terminal units, and many more! 

Users can also customize their projects with new, multi-language support - available in Spanish, French Canadian, and Portugese. 

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An Intuitive Tool to Meet Your Evolving Project Design Needs

Thanks to your feedback, we continue to make Trane Design Assist better, quicker and easier than ever before. From project layout support and guidance, to a way of staying up to date and knowledgeable on industry trends, Trane Design Assist helps lay the groundwork for a successful design and documentation process by putting it into one streamlined workflow. Building Automation System project details are being produced faster, with increased reliability and decreased risk - this means you can easily meet project timelines and be confident in your deliverables.

  • Customizable

    Design with standard configuration selections that automatically update content for each project item. If additional information is needed, manually customize to match real world design.

  • Innovative

    Explore pre-engineered system level applications using proven ASHRAE® control standards plus industry leading strategies that are continuously being updated to meet market needs.

  • Scalable

    Whether it is big buildings or small buildings, hospitals, college campuses, or high rise buildings - plan, spec, and retrofit jobs. Trane Design Assist provides tailored solutions with ease.

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Flow Diagrams, Sequence of Opertion, Points List and Project Guide Specificatons are populated simultaneously using industry - proven control strategies through configuration selections. It also provides flexibility for deeper levels of customization if needed.


Share project information and designs within the tool to easily collaborate with other stakeholders, colleagues and trusted advisors. This leads to faster problem solving and decision making to eliminate any of those design or scope uncertainties. 


Generate and download project documentation through customized format options like DWG, PDF, DOCX, and XLSX that are ready to be place into mechanical plans and specs. 

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