Connectivity & Cloud Services

Connectivity you can count on

These days remote access and connectivity have become table stakes for successful business operations. But for something as important and complex as your building management systems, you need a partner that understands how to provide secure, access-from-virtually-anywhere connectivity and is also an expert in building optimization. You need Trane. With our secure, scalable solutions and our building optimization tools you can unlock your building’s hidden potential to reduce operating costs and improve comfort and efficiency – from wherever you are.

Trane Connect

Our cloud-based customer portal offers secure, firewall-protected access to your building systems for remote monitoring and routine maintenance.

Tracer Ensemble Building Management System

Trane’s premier web-based building management system eliminates the complexity of managing multiple building systems across multiple sites. Manage your sites from a PC, tablet or smart phone virtually anywhere, anytime


We know the importance of system security. Cybersecurity is a priority for all of Trane’s connected offerings, and we work closely with your IT team to help ensure Trane’s connected building management systems provide secure access for authorized users, and only authorized users.

Systems Integration

You have multiple systems, likely from different providers. No problem. Trane is an expert in providing seamless integration of any open standard protocol building system so that all your sub-systems work together and share the information you need.