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Hemenways Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar

Commercial Self-Contained R'newal™ Service Program restores performance and reliability, minimizes disruption and guest disappointment in Providence, RI.

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Attracting customers into your stores is challenging. They have many choices…including the option to shop from home. Once they step inside, you need to provide an experience that makes them want to return. (While keeping expenses under control.) Meanwhile, you may be operating a more diverse building portfolio, with warehouses and distribution centers to accommodate online shopping. And to make it even more difficult, customers are researching companies and making choices based on values. At Trane, we consider it all. Our integrated approach helps you create appealing, cost-efficient, sustainable buildings that are an asset to your brand.

We’re leveraging buildings to turn shoppers into loyal customers  

Looking deeper into your energy strategy to defend profit margins. Trane Energy Services considers both energy supply and demand. We’re reducing costs by navigating energy purchasing strategies and sourcing, using energy storage to shift demand times, and improving overall efficiency.

Using digital technologies to keep shoppers comfortable. Connected Building Solutions help you maintain a consistent brand experience across multiple locations. App-based controls make it easy.  

Elevating sustainability to cultivate customer loyalty. Our solutions range from energy efficient products to intelligent, data-driven services and renewable energy procurement. You can publicize your progress using Trane’s energy dashboards.

Sustainability is a priority at Trane. Learn more about Ingersoll Rand’s Climate Commitment.


Learn more about Trane’s innovative solutions for retail

Tracer® Ensemble™ bringing the control of multiple buildings and systems into a single interface and app

Tracer® Concierge™ giving store managers limited, intuitive control over HVAC and lighting

eFlex™ technology maximizing efficiency in rooftop units with demand-driven, variable speed compressors and fans

Energy Supply Services reducing price risk and limiting exposure to market volatility