Legislation and Incentives Resource Center

Insights on the major laws, policies and incentives impacting commercial buildings today and expert guidance to help you adapt for tomorrow.

What’s Happening?

Buildings play an integral role in our communities, from healthy environments for people to work and play, to reliable shelters for those in need. The federal government has enacted a historic wave of new legislation to help protect these spaces and transform American prosperity for years to come.

Forecasted as the largest investments in infrastructure resiliency, equity and climate action in U.S. history, these interconnected laws commit several billion dollars in funding, incentives and regulations that are already impacting commercial and industrial buildings. 

Here are the new laws you need to know about:

Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)


Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL)


CHIPS and Science Act (CHIPS Act)


American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)


Legislation packages at a glance

How it Impacts You

This legislation introduces several solutions to help building owners, organizations and manufacturers make buildings “better” – meaning more reliable, affordable, sustainable and healthier overall.

Each of these laws are already impacting commercial and industrial buildings in unique and interconnected ways. Click through the boxes below to see how.

These incentives offer a once-in-an-era opportunity to:

Maximize cost-savings and ROI


Enhance resilience and efficiency


Support health and equity


Accelerate climate action efforts

What are Incentives Eligible for?

This legislation introduces several incentives to help building owners and operators decarbonize, electrify and improve overall efficiency through a myriad of investments including:

Eligible Incentives

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We’ll help you capitalize on this opportunity before it expires.

From navigating incentives before they expire, to preparing for approaching codes and standards, our team will be with you every step of the way. After we find the right solutions for your unique goals, we’ll also help you measure, validate and optimize your building’s performance to ensure you meet program requirements today and well into the future. Click through the solutions below to learn more about how you can improve your building with Trane.

  • Thermal Energy Storage

    Increase building resiliency, efficiency and sustainability while earning timely tax incentives

  • Energy Efficiency

    Optimize building performance and meet local regulations – all while saving money.

  • Decarbonization

    Reduce carbon emissions, meet sustainability goals and save money through efficiency.

  • Electrification of Heat

    Capitalize on timely incentives to move away from fossil fuels and meet local requirements.

  • Refigerant Management

    Adapt to evolving industry requirements with tailored management and monitoring services.

  • Renewables

    Decarbonize to meet sustainability goals while earning government or utility incentives.

  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

    Enhance the health and comfort of spaces stakeholders rely on most.

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