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3 Ways to Control your Energy spend this Summer

August 11, 2016

understand energy costs list

With summer temps hitting record levels in May and June, it's important to look for ways to control energy costs. Energy spend is a big part of your budget, and there are two main ways to impact it: by reducing the amount of energy consumed in your building and reducing how much you pay for that energy. Here are three ways you can lower your energy spend.

  1. Reduce energy consumption. There are many simple ways you can reduce energy consumption. A few examples are: ensuring that your building is properly insulated, evaluating your building’s lighting system, unplugging equipment when it’s not in use, inspect heating and cooling ducts, and complete a full system check of cooling equipment. These steps will help you improve efficiency and reduce your utility bill.
  2. Pay attention to when your building uses energy. Your building systems and equipment can provide real-time data to help you better manage peak demand. Trane offers peak load management solutions that help you monitor and predict peak demand windows, so you can shift some of your building load to when energy is cheaper. Having a flat predictable building load profile can contribute to favorable energy pricing from suppliers.
  3. Determine your energy purchasing strategy. If you're going to take measures to reduce peak demand, you need to make sure your contract allows you to benefit financially from that — rather than only driving down the cost for your supplier. If you're located in a deregulated state, it’s important to coordinate any demand-side reduction efforts with your supply-side contracting.

Trane has the expertise and market intelligence to help you find ways for your building and systems to use energy in the most efficient way and negotiate the most favorable contract terms.  Visit our site or have a local Trane representative contact you – so you can beat the heat this summer without paying a premium in utility costs.