Watt's in the News? - Volume 3

A lot of energy-related curricular materials focus on the various types of resources that can be used for electrical generation, but before that electricity can reach the end consumer it has to go through the grid. Just as the terms "producer" and "consumer" are used in life science classes to discuss the flow of matter & energy, these terms are also appropriate for helping students understand the electricity (and other forms of energy) must be moved from a generation site to the end consumer, so infrastructure is needed. (i.e. - electrical grid, natural gas pipelines, etc.)

Here's a good short video (4 min.) that will help explain the big picture and why the aging status of our grid is a concern. The aging status of the workforce that maintains our grid should also be highlighted to students for career opportunities to consider:

Further development of the grid is also necessary to be able to utilize more of the wind energy potential in the central region of the US. Work is being done to make this happen, but between environmental impact studies and the approval process required at the various political levels it is a slow process.

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Tate Honaker

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Tate Honaker

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