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Helping the Federal Government Meet Audacious Emission Reduction Goals

As a society, we can no longer ignore the impacts of climate change. The planet is warming at a rate twice as fast as typical levels, causing an increase in extreme weather events. Business and government alike have a role to play in combating the causes of climate change to ensure we have a thriving planet for future generations.

As a society, we can no longer ignore the impacts of climate change. The planet is warming at a rate twice as fast as typical levels, causing an increase in extreme weather events. Business and government alike have a role to play in combating the causes of climate change to ensure we have a thriving planet for future generations.

As a climate innovator, Trane Technologies has made a big commitment to eliminate one gigaton of CO2 from its customers through the use of its equipment and services by 2030. Called the Gigaton Challenge, this is the largest customer climate commitment made by any B2B company, and the math shows that this reduction could equate to 2% of the world's annual emissions, or the annual emissions of Italy, France, and the U.K. combined.

Similarly, per Executive Order 14030, Climate-Related Financial Risk, all Federal government projects need to consider climate-related financial risks as part of the project evaluation criteria and are directed to “prioritize emission-reducing options to meet its target of a net-zero emissions economy by 2050”.

Setting the targets is one thing but determining a plan for how to measure and achieve these goals can be even more difficult. Trane has significantly invested in measuring and reducing its operational and product use footprints, which can help government agencies develop, execute, and measure climate-related financial risk. By taking the learnings from our emissions reduction pathways and applying them to your infrastructure projects, you can set yourself on a path to making significant emission reductions as well. Trane can work with you to determine the appropriate mix of initiatives within this framework to achieve your sustainability goals.

With Trane Rental Services, years of expertise and collaborative partnerships can be used to advance your sustainability goals and raise expectations by providing the most efficient temporary solutions possible. We have the technology, focus, and resources to help remedy any problem on a case-by-case basis, helping steward the best solution for your unique and individual applications and sustainability goals.

Creating an Infrastructure Decarbonization Plan
Since buildings consume about 40% of the energy produced by the U.S., reducing emissions within our infrastructure is key to meeting emission-reduction goals. Trane is experienced working with federal agencies to develop infrastructure projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by:

  • Accelerating clean technologies – We directly address emissions at the source by developing newer and better ways to heat and cool buildings.
  • Addressing system-level energy efficiency – We go beyond simply providing the highest energy efficiency equipment in the marketplace and take an entire system-level approach to climate management within buildings.
  • Transitioning out of high GWP refrigerants – We are leaders in low GWP HVAC systems for buildings of the largest scale and have committed to offering next-generation products before 2030, globally.

We can work with you to create a customized decarbonization plan by looking at four main components:

  • Increase energy efficiency – Improving your buildings and infrastructure to eliminate waste in your operations. This can be done by upgrading to more efficient equipment, making improvements to limit the heat entering or escaping from buildings, or reducing the load it takes to heat or cool the space. For temporary HVAC solutions, Trane Rental Services helps you meet your sustainability goals by recommending only the equipment and power you need and providing energy-efficient OEM equipment to minimize waste.
  • Switch to electrification – To create a greener energy grid, electricity is increasingly moving to more renewable energy sources like solar and wind. This means electricity is becoming less emission-intensive across the U.S. One of the best ways to take advantage of these greener energy sources is to electrify your heating and cooling operations.
  • Switch to low GWP refrigerants – We began commercializing next-generation, low GWP products in 2014. There is a wide variety of options today and will be even more as the industry meets the January 1, 2024 mandate for chillers in twelve states.
  • Incorporate more renewable energy – Federal agencies can leverage renewable energy as a tool to reduce emissions while gaining more control over their energy supply.

Understand the Emissions Reductions
As you complete emission reduction projects, you need to make sure you are accurately measuring the impact. Especially within the federal government, accurate reporting on projects is essential. Trane has been working to drive down our product emissions for well over a decade. In that time, we’ve fine-tuned our approach in how we measure both the immediate and long-term environmental impacts of our projects.

Our comprehensive tools can calculate emissions reductions at a particular location – for example, energy consumption reduction at particular times of the day as well as fossil fuel or refrigerant use. The combination of technologies can significantly reduce system-level emissions. Trane’s Tracer® SC+ and Connect Equipment technology helps you stay one step ahead of your problems with remote capability and power utilization. Trane Rental Services is integrated with diagnostic dashboard metrics rooted in lowering energy usage, reducing emissions, and saving you money. This takes a holistic view of emissions created, as well as emissions avoided to ensure you’re considering the big picture when deciding how best to meet project goals. 

We take reporting on emissions reduction so seriously that we’ve enlisted the help of a third party to review and validate our emissions calculations – whether it be Scope 1, 2, or 3 – to confirm that our methodologies are accurate across locations and use cases.

Problem Solve at a Systems Level
We will not meet our audacious goals by looking at it one piece of equipment at a time. We must create solutions that look at energy use and greenhouse gas emissions at a systems level. Trane takes a 4-step approach to building a comprehensive system-wide plan for building and infrastructure upgrade projects.

Step 1: Collect – By completing an energy analysis we can see how your buildings are using energy in real-time. Our project strategy is informed by gathering data about your needs, buildings, equipment, and local regulations and incentives.

Step 2: Assess – No two projects are exactly alike. Differences in location, climate, operations, and more will have different requirements. We dive deep to fully understand your aspirations, motivations, and constraints.

Step 3: Advise – We use our operational and energy expertise to recommend custom solutions that deliver on the outcomes that matter most. We can model projected financial and emission savings to make sure our recommendations make the maximum impact.

Step 4: Deliver – We deliver customized solutions and validate the results to help you achieve your goals.

Unparalleled Experience Working on Government Infrastructure Projects
We’ve spent decades creating comfortable buildings with advanced control technologies that help buildings run more efficiently with fewer emissions.

What’s more, Trane is directly engaged in research and development efforts to support the DoD and other federal agency programs while also providing leadership in industry steering groups like ASHRAE®. Our qualifications in working on large-scale federal projects are unmatched:

  • 20+ Year GSA Contract holder with a proven track record in helping agency partners achieve audacious goals
  • Qualified DOE ESPC contractor with expertise in scoping and executing energy-saving projects quickly and efficiently
  • 250+ North American office locations that have established relationships with local designers, suppliers, and subcontractors to deliver services
  • Authorized provider to State & Local Governments via GSA and Cooperative Purchasing Ex: OMNIA® cooperative or local co-op purchasing agreements (laws vary by state)
  • Registered Company – The System for Award Management ( is an official website of the U.S. Government
  • Completion of over 7,000+ task orders totaling $370M supporting Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you achieve your emission reduction goals today.



Trane is a strategic business of Trane Technologies, a global climate innovator. Trane Technologies has a longstanding history as an industry leader for sustainability and has made bold 2030 Sustainability Commitments that include its Gigaton Challenge which aims to eliminate one gigaton – one billion metric tons – of customers’ carbon emissions by 2030.