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Introducing: Wellsphere™, Trane’s Holistic Approach to Building Wellness

December 17, 2020



Introducing: Wellsphere™, Trane’s Holistic Approach to Building Wellness

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the importance of indoor environmental quality (IEQ) – the holistic quality of the conditions inside a building and how they affect occupants.

Building owners – along with the engineers and contractors who support them – are now expected to address IEQ and the wellness of building occupants in ways never previously considered.

To support building owners and others navigating this new IEQ era, Trane recently launched the Wellsphere platform. Designed to offer high-level thinking around IEQ, Wellsphere is our holistic approach to building wellness.

The what: a holistic approach
Wellsphere: rises above heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) to deliver on multiple critical factors of indoor atmosphere in buildings, balancing energy efficiency, sustainability and human wellness. This platform offers expertise from a range of fields as well as an innovative portfolio of products and services that help you put the well-being of people first in your building.

Wellsphere is designed to leverage Trane’s thought leadership and problem-solving prowess among our engineers, technicians, account professionals and others to help you make the right IEQ decisions and investments.

The platform provides a human-first way to cultivate healthier and more efficient spaces – spurring growth for people, their communities and the environment. It uses world class technologies and services to improve the viability of a building by helping optimize the well-being of the people inside it.

The why: a unique purpose
We believe every building was created for a unique purpose. No matter how varied those purposes may be, most buildings share the same mission: to provide a comfortable place for convening, collaborating and connecting.

With Wellsphere as our foundation: we will help you improve building and business viability by actively addressing the well-being of building users.

The how: combining mind and matter
Above all, we are working to deeply understand your business realities as building professionals (owners, contractors, engineers, etc.) and align ourselves to your unique goals.

Wellsphere’s approach combines both mind and matter by pairing experienced Trane experts with state-of-the-art technology – our tried and true method. The platform’s mix of expertise and technical knowledge is designed to provide you with individualized solutions for the right IEQ investments, adding value to your building.

The experts: in their own words 
Experts will tell you that no one piece of technology will solve the issues buildings face today. We will help you as buildings owners understand all the environmental factors to know which solutions make the best investments for your facilities.

“People are more keenly aware of the environment around them,” says Jeff Wiseman, Indoor Air Quality portfolio leader for Trane. “Our commitment to a holistic approach utilizing innovative technologies will help our customers create an ideal environment for the groups that work, live, eat and shop in their buildings.”

After all, the evidence is clear — healthier spaces are good for the performance and well-being of people — and efficient spaces are better for the health of our planet. The way people spend time indoors is changing. Improving, indoor environmental quality, and the resulting quality of life, should be a health, economic and environmental priority.

Bringing it all together 
Trane Technologies’ Center for Healthy & Efficient Spaces (CHES), provides a critical roadmap for idea exchange, research, partnership development and advocacy within indoor environmental quality. Additional Trane Technologies and Trane Commercial thought leadership initiatives will help bolster how to go beyond HVAC, to IEQ – improving indoor environments for the benefit of all.

For more information, check out our
Wellsphere on our website and see our other Trane Technologies IEQ Resources

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