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Creating Sustainable & Resilient Communities

We understand that the well-being and prosperity of your community comes first.

We also understand the overwhelming pressure of juggling competing priorities and taxpayer needs as you tackle strained infrastructure, depleted budgets, manpower limitations, code-compliance and regulatory demands, all while trying to achieve sustainability goals.

That's where Trane comes in. Our turnkey solutions help you protect your community’s vitality by creating resilient, sustainable, and healthy public spaces. With our convenient “one hand to shake” tailored approach to facilities management, energy savings and sustainability solutions, our team will be with you every step of the way, so you never have to navigate these projects alone.

Local Government

3 Ways Better Buildings Benefit Communities

  • Energy-efficient Buildings Provide Financial Returns

    Energy-efficient buildings provide financial returns

    Over 40% of the global community’s energy consumption is used to provide comfortable and well-lit buildings. Optimizing these energy demands can reduce waste and expenses.

  • Building efficiency is an affordable way communities can combat climate change.

    Building efficiency is an affordable way communities can combat climate change.

    The easiest way to reduce carbon emissions is to avoid creating them in the first place. Building efficiency optimizes energy and water consumption to reduce waste and emissions.

  • Building efficiency can significantly reduce illness related to air pollution.

    Building efficiency can impact illness related to air pollution.

    Modern HVAC solutions offer cleaner combustion, improved ventilation and reduced energy waste—all of which reduce emissions-created air pollution. Reducing air pollutants can decrease the triggers to certain illnesses.

Smart & Scalable Community Resilience

From the healthy and comfortable places where people work and play, to providing reliable shelter and support in times of need, every building plays a role in protecting the community it serves.

Relying on reputable and experienced building management partners is essential to protecting these facilities. As your trusted partners, Trane offers a holistic, scalable and smart approach to helping you improve your community’s infrastructure today and for generations to come.

Lets Get Started
Accelerate Climate Action & Energy Savings

Accelerate Climate Action & Savings

Sustainability, energy efficiency and cost savings go hand-in-hand. Our data-driven building management and renewable energy solutions create efficiency-driven savings while reducing each buildings carbon footprint.

Explore Your Data-Driven Energy Solutions
Maximize Stimulus Investments & ROI

Maximize Community ROI

The 2021 American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA) provide over $1 trillion to help states and local governments improve community resiliency, sustainability, and prosperity through infrastructure improvements. We'll help you capitalize on this funding to meet your community's immediate and long-term goals

Get The Most out of Your Federal Funds
Protect Community Budgets

Protect Local Budgets

Connected infrastructure is at the core of every resilient community. Leveraging data-driven building insights to reduce the cost to maintain, operate and repair community-serving facilities prevents downtime while protecting local budgets. Ready to start saving? We can handle the heavy lifting.

Learn More About Saving With Connected Services
Modernize Equipment—No Capital Investment Required

Modernize Without Upfront Capital

Trane Energy Performance Contracting Projects (ESPCs) leverage operational and energy savings to modernize aging building infrastructure and tackle deferred maintenance without impacting taxpayers.

Explore Financing & Energy Services Contracting
Enhance Comfort & Well-being

Enhance Comfort & Well-being

Community is cultivated inside the buildings where people work, learn, live and play with one another, and protecting these environments has never been more critical. Improve the health and comfort of your community-serving buildings with Wellsphere™—our holistic approach to indoor environmental quality improvement.

Learn More About Wellsphere
Simplify Procurement with GSA or  OMNIA Partners

Simplify Procurement with GSA & OMNIA Partners®

Trane is proud to provide a transparent procurement process through GSA Schedule and OMNIA Partners® contracts. These partnerships streamline procurement for local and state government agencies, school districts, and higher education institutions.

Discover the Benefits of OMNIA Partners

6 Ways Better Buildings Create Better Communities

The key to community prosperity? Better buildings. 

2022-2023 Federal Funding Resource Guide for State & Local Governments

Real Stories From Communities Like Yours

At Trane, we have been committed to building inclusive, resilient, and sustainable communities for over 100 years. Here are just a few of the communities that have trusted Trane to improve their energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and more.

The State of New Mexico's Green Energy Project

New Mexico's accelerates the State’s climate action plans by creating more comfortable and efficient facilities - all while saving taxpayers over $1.1 million annually.

My son helped me see the project in a new light. He said, "all I hear you talk about is money and how much you're saving with this you realize what you're doing for us? for people? and the difference you're making in our community?" It was a really proud moment.

Anna Silva Director of Facilities Management, State of New Mexico - General Services Department

Top Solutions for Communities

Looking for Federal Government Solutions?

Visit the Trane Federal Government page for more information.