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Commercial Lighting Solutions

Creating healthy, productive and efficient indoor spaces with innovative lighting design.


What is the Role of Lighting in IEQ?

Lighting plays a versatile role in your indoor environmental quality because it impacts safety, comfort, productivity and energy efficiency at the same time. From motion-activation and color temperature automation systems that sync with the body’s circadian rhythm, to ultraviolet germicidal irradiation technology (UVGI) that uses ultraviolet wavelengths to neutralize airborne pathogens, lighting science has expanded far beyond energy-efficient LEDs alone. Trane’s lighting experts will introduce you to the latest advancements in lighting and work alongside you to identify the best solutions for your building and business objectives.

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What are the Benefits of Improved Lighting Design?

Company Group Meeting

Well-designed lighting has the potential to significantly improve occupant well-being, operational efficiency and the sustainability of your building. Trane offers a robust portfolio of advanced indoor lighting solutions to help you make the right IEQ investment and maximize the benefits of human-centric lighting.

  • Become more energy-efficient
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Eliminate airborne and on-surface pollutant
  • Stimulate employee productivity
  • Create a happier indoor environment
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How Lighting Creates a Healthier Workplace

Indoor lighting can support employee health and well-being from both a psychological and physiological standpoint. For example, Trane’s LED lighting and controls let you synchronize light intensity, color temperature and spectral distribution with the human body’s circadian rhythm. These types of circadian-friendly lighting strategies can result in employees feeling better, happier, and more productive, according to recent studies1.

Lighting can protect against illness, too. Innovative technology like ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) uses specific wavelengths on the ultraviolet light spectrum to inactivate certain viruses and unhealthy microbes in your building (including cold and flu). And with Trane's integrated solutions, you can monitor UVGI in real-time to ensure occupant safety and maintain efficient performance.


How do you Measure Lighting Quality?

Measuring indoor lighting quality requires integrated solutions. Trane’s innovative controls integrate seamlessly over your lighting and HVAC systems so you can visualize performance holistically in one easy-to-use dashboard. As lighting technology evolves, it opens the door for more integration opportunities across your building systems. Trane’s expert lighting specialists can help you navigate the world of human-centric lighting and make it easier to measure what is happening inside your building.


Particles on Fabric
Particles on Fabric

How the Trane Approach Helps to Improve Indoor Environments

Trane uses a hands-on, data-driven approach to help you take full advantage of the newest innovations in lighting intelligence. By aligning our solutions with your business realities, we’re able to deliver personalized strategies to mitigate your challenges holistically. From advanced lighting technology and controls, to integrated monitoring and services, our approach makes it easier to achieve your sustainability goals and be confident in your IEQ investment.


Improve the Well-Being of Building Occupants with Lighting Solutions from Trane

We are here to help.

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