Watt's in the News? - Volume 2

Module 2 of the upper level of the Trane BTU Crew™ curriculum focuses on energy usage, so this week we want to share one of the best resources we are aware of to have accurate, virtually real-time data for Kansas and the central US region that you can share with your students. (This is an example of a lesson that can't be taught using a textbook if it is going to be relevant.)

Here's a quick overview of the Southwest Power Pool & the generation capabilities in the central US region:

The pie graph shown in this link provides the virtually real-time generation mix for a 14-state area, but it is just a snap-shot look at one moment in time.

Real-time generation mix info:

Supplemental Activity - To help students understand that data analytics involves looking at trends, one idea would be to have students begin collecting this data in an Excel spread sheet on a regular basis (ex. - once/week). Then, after several weeks/months, students can begin using the graphing tools in Excel to construct multi-colored line graphs to look at actual trends over time. Does the generation mix change with the changing of the seasons? Let students collect the data to find out, then share what they have learned!

Have a great week!

Tate Honaker

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Tate Honaker

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