Building and Energy Solutions - Customized, Simplified, Verified

May 18, 2022


When you’re working with a supplier to solve a problem do you ever feel like you’re being offered an “off the shelf” solution that doesn’t quite fit your unique needs?

Us, too. That’s why we developed Wayform by Trane, a new consultative approach that provides you with a personalized, outcome-driven plan based on your performance objectives and building needs. You can depend on the Wayform approach to meet your unique building and energy services needs for three key reasons:

1. It’s customized – Wayform does not provide cookie-cutter solutions. We tailor our recommendations to your distinct needs so that we can help you reduce the energy intensity of your building.

Steps include the following:

  • Asking  questions and listening carefully to your responses
  •  Gathering existing data to expand your building’s story
  • Incorporating your overall organizational goals
  • Partnering with our internal subject-matter experts who advise on and configure the right solutions for your building
  • Confirming that any recommended solutions are compliant with the latest regulatory requirements
  • Identifying the metrics that will demonstrate your goals are achieved once the plan is implemented

2. It’s simplified – Wayform gives you a single-source solution for your building and energy services’ needs.

  • All that time you’ve been spending coordinating with various building consultants? Now you have a single source for your building and energy services needs. With single-source expertise in place, you get back the time previously needed to find and work with multiple consultants - so you can focus on other needs
  • Do you have unexpected increased energy demands that used to throw a wrench in everything? Now you can plan ahead thanks to the holistic building perspective that Wayform provides

3. It’s verified – We don’t expect you to just take our word for it. At Trane, metrics drive how we identify your needs and shape our recommendations. As part of our Wayform approach, we run diagnostics and building simulations to estimate the overall impact of different solutions for clients. So, you can compare and contrast, ultimately choosing the most efficient and impactful solution for you. And then once you pick that solution, forthcoming building metrics will be ready to clearly demonstrate its benefits for you.